A Wonderful Kind of Love(7)

By: Krista Lakes

“Then why did she tell me not to call her? Why did she tell her boyfriend to tell me off?” he asked her, trying to keep the hostility out of his voice. The baby wiggled in his arms, and he didn't want to wake her.

“Her boyfriend?” Mia asked. “Laura doesn’t have a-“

She never finished her sentence because the door opened right then. In walked Laura with a big bouquet of yellow and white daisies.

She was beautiful. Her dark red hair was down around her shoulders, and her green eyes sparkled as she walked into the room with a huge smile on her face. The smile faded as soon as she saw Ethan, but her cheeks went pink.

Ethan was glad he was holding the baby, or he might have tried to kiss her right there on the spot. He had thought she was breathtaking that first night at the Christmas party. He had thought she was gorgeous a month ago at the fundraiser. He didn't know how she did it, but she had gotten even prettier. Now, standing in the hospital room, she was absolutely stunning. She became more beautiful every time he saw her.

She swallowed hard. “I didn't know you were going to be here,” Laura murmured, setting her bouquet of daisies down next to his gift bag.

“Hi Laura,” Mia greeted her enthusiastically, crossing the room and giving her a big hug. “I'm so glad you came.”

Ethan did not appreciate the look that was on Mia's face as she looked back and forth between the two of them. She was plotting something, and he wasn't sure what it was. Whatever she was planning, it was setting of every one of his internal “run now” alarms.

“So, actually Laura, Ethan was just about to go get me some of these cheese curds from this restaurant nearby,” Mia announced.

“I was?” Ethan replied. He didn't remember agreeing to this.

“Yes, you were,” Mia said pointedly. “It's weird. Even though I'm not pregnant anymore, I still have a craving for these cheese curds. Apparently, they're from Wisconsin, and I just can't get enough of them.”

“Okay,” Ethan shrugged, not really following what was going on. Laura looked as confused as he felt.

“Would you go with him? That way I can feed the baby and rest for a little bit.” Mia smiled and fluttered her eyelashes at Laura.

“Well, I... uh...” Laura looked at her like she was crazy.

“Please, Laura?” Mia's smile grew wider, and her eyes took on a sad puppy-dog look.

“I, uh...” Laura sputtered, not knowing how to turn her down.

“Oh, thank you so much!” Mia grinned and bounced around the room as if Laura had given a resounding yes. Mia marched over to Ethan and took the baby right from him. “Just go to Sandy's off of Main Street.”

Ethan stood there in shock as Mia walked off with her baby. His arms were still cradled, but the baby was long gone.

“Cheese curds, Ethan,” she reminded him with a nudge of her hip. “Go.”

“Uh, right.” He cleared his throat and went to the door where he held it open for a baffled Laura. Mia just smiled at the two of them.

“Oh, and you two take your time,” Mia informed them, following them to the doorway. “Feeding her takes like, three hours. Yeah. So get drinks. And you can bring me the food whenever you have time. Okay. Bye!”

And with that, she shut the door firmly behind them.

Ethan stood in the hallway next to Laura unsure of exactly what to do next. He could smell her shampoo. It was soft and floral and making it hard to think. All his brain wants to think about is the kiss they shared.

He made up his mind. This was his second chance. Mia was giving him a gift right now for him to have another opportunity with Laura. He wouldn't get one like this again. It was time to put on the charm and win her over.

He smiled at her.

“So, your car or mine?” he asked.

Chapter 4


Sixteen months ago...

Best Christmas party ever, Ethan thought to himself as he stood up to look for his pants. He couldn't help but smile as he glanced back at the couch to see the most beautiful woman at the party watching him. He liked the way her eyes felt on his bare skin.

Yup, definitely the best party ever, Ethan thought with a smile.

He nearly didn't come to this year's event. There was so much work to be done, and the legal battle over a faulty airbag was just ramping up. His attention was on his business, but Carter told him to go. Or rather, Carter blackmailed him into it. Now that he was here, he couldn't be more grateful.

He had dutifully trod down to the California Science Museum to put in an appearance. At the start of the evening, he had fully planned on making enough of an appearance to appease Carter and make his employees feel appreciated and then going straight home to go over the lawsuit again.