A Wonderful Kind of Love(6)

By: Krista Lakes

Carter shook his head. “Here, put your arms here and support her head,” he coached, carefully putting the baby in Ethan's hands.

Ethan felt the weight of the child pass to him, and her head suddenly rolled to the side. “Shit!”

“She's fine,” Carter said in a calm voice. “Just hold her head.”

“What's wrong with her neck?” Ethan asked, carefully supporting her so she wouldn't go lopsided on him again.

“Nothing,” Carter told him. “That's just how newborns work.”

Ethan held her like she was a ticking bomb. If her neck couldn't support her head, he was afraid that just moving her wrong would make her stop breathing or something. For the life of him, he could not figure out how humans survived as a species.

“Aww, you're a natural,” Mia said, coming out of the bathroom. She wore a clean nightgown, and her brunette hair was wet from the shower. She came over and gave Ethan a side hug as she checked on her daughter.

“Hi, Mia,” Ethan greeted her. “How are you?”

“Not pregnant,” Mia replied with a laugh. “Which is amazing. How are you?”

“Also not pregnant.” He grinned at her, and she laughed again.

“I'm so glad, Ethan,” Carter said. “We were a little worried there for awhile.”

Ethan rolled his eyes at his business partner.

“So, Mia,” Ethan pointedly asked, turning to the nicer person in the relationship. “What did you two end up naming her? I know you weren't sure the last time I saw you.”

Mia and Carter looked at one another, sharing a secret smile that only lovers have.

“Mireille Joy,” Mia announced proudly. She pronounced it as “Meer-ay.”

“Mireille?” he repeated. The name flowed off his tongue like music. It wasn't a name he'd heard before.

“It's French, Mia explained. “It means 'miracle,' which is appropriate. I never thought I'd have a baby. We're going to call her Miri for short.”

“Well, hello little Miri,” Ethan cooed to the baby. Little Miri just blinked once and went right to sleep. She was actually kind of cute, in a squishy way. “You two make good babies.”

“Thanks,” Carter replied. “My part was really hard.”

Mia raised her eyebrows at him from across the room. Her arms crossed and she blinked slowly as she waited for him to say more.

“And I'm going to go make a phone call before my wife murders me,” Carter announced, holding up his phone and quickly ducking out of the room.

“Do you want her back?” Ethan asked, holding out the baby to Mia. As much as he was afraid she was going to stop breathing at any moment, holding her was really quite peaceful. Plus, she was asleep, and he didn't want to accidentally wake her.

“You keep her. You look very cute with her,” Mia told him. She picked up a hairbrush and started working on her wet hair. “How long are you in town for Ethan?”

“As long as Carter needs me while we get things set up for the new research and development office in Denver,” Ethan replied. “It'll be at least a couple of weeks. Maybe more.”

Mia nodded. “It will be nice to have you here,” she said, finishing up with her brush. She set it down and looked at him. “Does Laura know you're coming?”

He swallowed hard. “Laura? Why would Laura care I was in town?”

Mia just lifted a single eyebrow and waited for him to try and deny it again. Given the look he was getting, he suspected she knew the history between Laura and him. They'd had an amazing one-night-stand at the W Motors Christmas party a year and a half ago. He had called a couple times, and then after about a week, she had finally picked up. Only it wasn’t her, it was a guy. Apparently Laura’s boyfriend. The guy told Ethan to never call her again.

He had honored that request. He had no intention of being a home-wrecker or trying to pursue a cheater. It wasn't his fault they were both at Mia's fundraiser last month. He was fairly sure she hated his guts right up to the moment where she kissed him. Granted, she was under a lot of emotional stress at the time, but the fact remained that she'd kissed him. He wasn't quite sure what to think about her.

He sighed. “No. She doesn't know.”

“Why not?” Mia asked. “I thought you two had a moment at the fundraiser.”

“We had a what?” Ethan looked at her in surprise. “Did Laura tell you that?”

“She told me that you kissed when she heard her brother had been found,” Mia replied.

Ethan sighed. “She was just relieved her brother was okay,” Ethan explained with a shrug.

Mia snorted. “Yeah. Because I just kiss people any time I get good news. That must be it.” Ethan ignored the eye roll. “She likes you.”