A Wonderful Kind of Love(5)

By: Krista Lakes

“Thank you, sir. Katie will be so surprised,” Becky replied, the smile growing on her face. “Have a good flight. And tell Mr. Williamson congratulations on the new baby for me.”

“I will. Thank you again, Becky.” Ethan raised his hand and headed off toward the big elevators leading down to the main floor. He stopped halfway there and turned around. “Oh, who is security for me this trip since Bruce is out for his shoulder?”

Becky looked up from the desk. “Craig. Craig Daily,” she replied. “He volunteered for the trip.”

“He's the one from New York, right?” Ethan asked, trying to pull up an image of the guard.

“That's David,” Becky corrected him. “Craig is from San Francisco.”

Ethan thought for a moment. “Tall, dark hair, very quiet?”

“That's every security guard Bruce hires,” Becky replied with a chuckle.

“Good point,” Ethan agreed. They all seemed to fit the tall, dark, and brooding stereotype. “He's the one who helped with the Janie situation last year, right?”

Becky nodded. “That's him. He's been very loyal. One of Bruce's best.”

“Alright,” Ethan said with a nod. He could place Craig in his mind now. “I like him. It'll be a good trip.

“You'd better hurry,” Becky advised, tapping her watch. “You don't want to miss your fight.”

He thanked her and hurried off to the elevators. It was time to head to Colorado.

Chapter 3


Ethan was breathing hard at the top of the stairs to the maternity floor. He was in good shape, but the Colorado altitude was a deal breaker. He almost regretted not taking the elevator, but he didn't feel too badly since Craig was just as out of breath behind him and probably in better shape. His security couldn't have been more than twenty-five with short cropped dark hair and serious brown eyes.

Craig was certainly taking his job as bodyguard seriously. The man barely let him out of his sight for more than a moment. Ethan didn't mind though. Good protection was important for a billionaire. Ethan hurried up the last two steps and opened the heavy door to the second floor.

The hospital was probably the smallest one Ethan had ever seen. He was fairly sure that Mia might be the only patient in the entire building, other than the person they saw walking into the ER for stitches.

It was a short walk from the stairs to the main desk of the maternity ward. A nurse sat there like a guard, making sure that no one got past her. She looked up as she heard the two men coming and smiled.

“You must be Mr. White and company,” she said as they came closer. Ethan reached for a pen to sign in, but she waved him off. “You were already logged in by the security team downstairs.”

Ethan nodded. Carter Williamson, the father of the baby they were here to see as well as the co-owner to W Motors, was taking no chances. The head of Carter's security, Brian Cards, had even checked the gift bag Ethan carried the moment they stepped on hospital grounds.

“Wait here,” Ethan said to Craig. “I'll be just inside.”

“No leaving without me,” Craig reminded him, taking a seat near the nurse's station.

“Of course not,” Ethan assured him. He walked over to the only open door and peeked inside.

Carter was sitting near the window with a little bundle of pink blankets in his lap making goo-goo eyes and big smiles at the baby inside them.

“How's my wittle girly-wirly?” Carter asked his daughter in a sing-song voice that sounded strange coming from the usually stern man. Ethan couldn't have imagined something like this.

“How's the wittle daddy-waddy?” Ethan asked in a similar silly voice, pushing open the door and stepping inside.

“Don't you worry, my little baby girl. I can still beat his ass and fire him,” Carter told her in the same soft baby-talk voice. He looked up from his daughter and grinned at Ethan. “Good to see you, Ethan.”

“Should you be swearing in front of your kid like that?” Ethan asked, setting his gift on the counter and coming over to see the baby. Carter held her up like she was the most precious, beautiful thing in the world. “Congratulations. She's beautiful,” Ethan told the proud father.

“You want to hold her?” Carter asked, offering her out to him like it was some sort of honor.

“Um, sure.” Ethan held out his arms uncertainly. He didn't want to say no to his best friend.

“Do you know how to hold a baby?” Carter asked before handing over the bundle of blankets. He looked at Ethan's open arms uncertainly.

“Of course I do,” Ethan scoffed, reaching for the baby. “You just don't drop them.”