A Forever Kind of Love(Kinds of Love Book 1)(187)

By: Krista Lakes

Maddy, Tyler, and Aiden follow the minister's footprints back toward the resort, leaving Logan and me alone on our little patch of white sand. Logan takes both my hands in his.

“I love you,” he says. It's simple and yet perfect. His eyes shine with affection and joy.

“I love you,” I whisper back.

He lets go of one hand to guide me into his kiss. I tangle my fingers in his honey curls, feeling the warmth of the sudden nestled in their midst. He tastes like heaven.

There is a party at the resort where more friends and family are waiting. They can continue to wait. For this moment, I am with the love of my life, and we are celebrating what we have. It took us a long time to finally get it right, but now, the world is ours. Our businesses run together. Our hearts run together. Our worlds are now one.

The wind dances around us, gentle and soft. This kiss is so very different than our hurricane kisses, but yet the same. Love has tempered the storm and made it so that things are now bright and sunny. We are kissing in the sunshine, but thankful for our hurricane kisses.