When An Alpha Purrs(10)

By: Eve Langlais

The words shouldn’t have sent a shiver—the erotic kind—down her spine, and yet they did, every word he uttered so sinfully sexy with his low baritone.

She resolved to cut only what she had to, and while he wouldn’t sport a long, golden surfer mane by the time she was done, he’d look good. Better than good.

Way too delicious for words.

Seriously. As the hair flittered to the floor in a silky shower, his appearance changed. Grew more rugged. More masculine.

With every snip, she enhanced the craggy lines of his face, the strong squareness of his jaw, and the fact he had a perfectly shaped head.

When she was done, she took a step back and bit her lower lip as she surveyed the result.

My god he’s attractive.

Or so she thought, but her opinion wasn’t really the one that mattered.

“What do you think?” she asked as she held the hand mirror at an angle behind him so as to give him a peek.

For a moment, he didn’t say anything, just stared at his reflection in the mirror. “You know,” he said slowly, “I’ve been sporting the same haircut for years. It was my look. My thing. So this is pretty drastic to me.”

She could hear a ‘but’ coming, and she braced herself.

“But I think I wish I’d met you years ago. This is a really good haircut.” He sounded surprised.

The tension in her frame eased. “So you like it?” She couldn’t help but ask as she unsnapped the protective cover and removed it from him.

“Very much so. How much do I owe you?”

She lifted her hands and fluttered them. “Nothing. This one’s on me.”

He rose from the chair and towered over her. How petite he made her feel. “Nonsense. I insist.”

“Consider it my apology for what happened.” She would have taken a step away from his virile presence. However, the vanity with its rack of power hair tools blocked her path.

“You have to let me give you something.”

The husky lowering of his voice sent a shiver through her.

“Refer your friends to the shop.” She busied her hands with her tools, wiping them down and placing them on her tray.

He grabbed her hand and brought it to his mouth, placing a soft kiss on the top of it. “I already do refer this shop and have for years.” He hummed the words against her skin.

She yanked her hand away. “Um, you know what, I should go and do something. Like fold towels.” Or change her panties. Or…

She blinked as he said, “You and me. Dinner. Six p.m. I’ll return to pick you up.”

Before she could refuse, he left, broad shoulders barely fitting through the shop door. She could only stare at him as he hit the sidewalk. He paused and shot a glance at her through the window. He shot her his deadly dimple and winked.

She might have stood there staring dumbly for a while if her uncle hadn’t come in and startled her. He’d used the alley entrance to access the hair shop.

“Kira, you’re here early.”

She whirled to face him, hoping nothing strange showed in her expression. “Yup, I’m here early because I need to leave early. Can you take my five o’clock?” Because she needed to be gone from here before Arik arrived and she did something foolish, like hope he kissed another part of her body. Forget her hands, he should embrace another part, a more appreciate part, like her lips.

Chapter Five

A sharp whistle stole Arik’s attention from his task.

“Look who’s a pretty boy again.” Hayder strode into his office and immediately honed in on the new look.

A vain creature, not something he ever denied, Arik couldn’t help but preen and show off. “Like it? I think it makes me look rather distinguished.”

“And a total chick magnet too, dude. The girls on the telecom floor are all talking about it. Maybe I should think about getting a trim. Who did it?”

“A certain scissor-happy woman.”

“No way. Don’t tell me you stuck to your plan and confronted the broad who scalped you?”

“I did. Turns out she’s quite talented when I’m not pissing her off.”

Hayder whistled. “I’ll say. I wouldn’t mind letting her put her hands on me.”

Arik clamped his lips before a growl could escape. What was wrong with his lion? “She’s pretty busy.”

“So? I’m making an appointment. What’s the girl’s name?” Hayder asked.

“Mine.” Who’d said that? Surely not him. Arik almost looked around to see who else was in his office, but judging by Hayder’s dropped jaw, there was only one culprit. His damned cat, who seemed to harbor a thing for the human girl.