Unwillingly Yours(2)

By: Marian Tee & Lourdes Marcelo


“---but I have to go. I promised Eric I’ll drop by his party.”

Jaike frowned, wondering who that Eric was. The only Eric she knew---

Marcy took one look at her face and said dryly, “It is Eric Saunders.”

“No way! Eric Saunders?” Eric Saunders was throwing a party? And she wasn’t invited? They were both nerds, and he wasn’t inviting her? Did that mean she was so geeky even fellow nerds didn’t want her showing up at their parties?

Marcy laughed. “I keep telling you, right? You don’t need to have a boring life just because you like to have straight A’s.”

“I do not have a boring life,” Jaike argued as she followed Marcy out of the door. As she locked her door, she added, “It’s not my fault I enjoy studying.” She rattled the knob twice for good measure.

Marcy was grinning when she turned around. “What?” Jaike asked defensively.

“You are such a control freak.”

“I just locked my door!”

“You triple-locked the door,” Marcy retorted. “And what’s the most precious thing you have inside it? A framed photo of the little shit?”

Jaike choked back a laugh. “You have got to stop calling him that, okay? It’s not cool. Angelo is my boyfriend.”

“He used to be but now he’s just a first-class ass,” Marcy said as she pressed the down button of the elevator. “An asshole who has your number. It makes him your asshole owner and you’re his bitch slave.” She huffed in indignation. “It’s like Christian and Ana in a totally sadistic unemotional---”

Jaike rolled her eyes. “Enough with the 50 Shades analogy, Marcy.”

“No, I’m serious. I’ve read the entire Top 100 for Amazon’s erotica bestsellers so I know what I’m talking about. You’re, like, the classic case for a sub---”

“I’ll kill myself rather than wear a collar around my neck, call someone ‘sir’ and I swear I’ll kill the guy who thinks he can tell share me with another master. Is that submissive enough for you?”

Marcy sniffed. “That just shows how much you don’t understand. Being a sub is all about needing someone to take care of you – so that you can totally let go. And you need that, Jaike. You’re always so…rigid.”

Jaike forced out a laugh, not wanting Marcy to know how her words reopened old wounds inside her. “Please don’t say that in front of Angelo. You’ll make it seem he’s got a robot for a girlfriend.”

The scowl reappeared on her friend’s face. “That little shit is the worst Dom---”

“Eww!” Jaike couldn’t help wincing, her mind tainted with the image of Angelo wearing some squeaky shiny leather thong and holding a whip. She raised her hand. “Just…just stop it, Marcy. It’s…” She shuddered. “I’m all for you going into BDSM if it’s your thing but it’s not mine.”

“Oh, it is,” Marcy answered so confidently it sent unease skittering over Jaike’s spine. “You just haven’t found someone you’re willing to trust yourself to.”

The elevator doors slid open then, saving Jaike from replying.

“Hey. You okay?” Worry underscored her friend’s tone. Behind Marcy were the mirrored walls of the elevator, its full-length reflection displaying the slim back that her friend’s beaded gold dress exposed, together with Marcy’s shapely legs, a direct contrast to how Jaike was covered virtually head to toe. An embarrassment really, considering Florida’s weather.

“Yes.” No. Not really, Jaike thought with a heavy heart as she got out of the elevator. But she couldn’t tell Marcy something so disloyal.

Outside Blake Hall, Jaike and Marcy stopped by the nearest lamppost as Marcy lit a stick.

“What are you going to do now that the little---” Marcy sighed, seeing Jaike’s warning look. “---I mean your AWOL boyfriend won’t be coming over?”

“I still have a couple of papers to research---” Jaike grimaced at her friend’s groan. “What? You know I hate TV, I hate surfing the Internet, and I hate listening to music.”