Unwillingly Yours(10)

By: Marian Tee & Lourdes Marcelo

Was she really asking Derek Christopoulos to come inside her room?

Derek stared at her for a long moment before nodding. “I’d like that, thanks.”

And then he stepped inside with her and closed the door behind him.

Jaike stared at Derek, a bit of her sanity returning and causing her to experience a sliver of panic as Derek’s gaze settled on her, his thoughts hidden behind the blank mask on his face.

The room suddenly felt smaller and hotter, dominated by the sheer impact of his presence. She forgot about Rosie, about Angelo, about everything else. All she could see, feel, and think of was Derek.


Just that one word told her everything she didn’t want to know. The way he said her name, the way his eyes burned with a purposeful glitter---

Once she had asked him why he kept bothering to be nice to her, when he so clearly didn’t lack for female company and she so clearly wasn’t comfortable in his presence. Then, he had only given her a smile that could have meant anything.

But tonight, he was answering her.

Derek Christopoulos wanted to be her fucking Dom.


Three Years Earlier

Angelo Valencia, dressed in his usual pretty-preppy boy shit, was making a move on the girl Derek wanted more than anything in his life. Eighteen fucking years old and Valencia dressed like he was headed to the NYSE. Who the fuck wore a tie to a post-orientation bash for freshmen? They were called fucking fresh for a goddamn reason.

Unfortunately, the chick that had caught his eye seemed to dig Valencia’s style. Derek knew this for a fact since he stood close enough to hear every word exchanged between her and the prick.

“Don’t let those girls bother you,” Angelo was murmuring.

Derek knew the other guy was talking about the bitches that had surrounded the girl earlier. He was usually laidback, but even his hackles had immediately risen at the way those stupid bitches had talked shit about Jaike. He had been about to go over and help her, but Angelo had appeared out of nowhere, beating him to the punch.

She smiled at the other man, her face softening. “I never do. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Angelo grinned. “Good. I was afraid I’d have to join my first bitch fight just to protect you.”

She laughed, the melodic sound stroking Derek like a siren’s call.

The two spent more than a few minutes chatting and laughing. Her smile was breath-taking. It was the most beautiful thing about her, lighting her face up in a way that made him want to find out if she would give him that smile if - no, when – he took her body.

His fists clenched as Jaike kept on smiling at the other man. Derek wanted to hoard her smile so that no other man would know how lovely she was.

“I have to go,” Valencia said when a faculty member waved him to come over from the opposite side of the auditorium. He stepped in front of Jaike, which placed him directly in Derek’s line of vision as well.

A possessive warning glinted in Valencia’s gaze just before he bent down to kiss Jaike on the cheek.

Fucking asshole. Derek wanted to beat the other man up but knew it wouldn’t help him. He wasn’t blind. A lot of girls went for the bad boy – the rebel without a cause, but he knew that Jaike Hepburn was not like that. She would choose Valencia over him because she was the type to want someone she was comfortable with, someone who wouldn’t make her heart race or force her to lose control.

Jaike Hepburn would not want someone like Derek Christopoulos – even if she needed him as much as he needed her.

“Hi.” He strolled towards her as soon as Valencia turned his back, uncaring if the other man heard him or not.

She had the look of a cornered rabbit as she took in all of him. Derek almost groaned at his bad choice of words. They made him imagine Jaike on her knees, taking his throbbing dick into her mouth.

“H-hi.” It had taken Jaike quite a while to speak, and Derek tried not to be offended at how she clearly didn’t want to look anywhere but him.

“I’m Derek by the way.” He suppressed a smile as she ducked her head so she could pretend she didn’t see his outstretched hand.

“Jaike Hepburn,” she mumbled.

“I know.”