Turbulent Desires(91)

By: Melody Anne

Gail jumped on the radio. “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. Orca, this is CG6055, we are going to ditch. I repeat, we are going to ditch!”

“Are you ready for this?” she asked as she handed Nick his survival pack.


A large looming wave crashed down on the aircraft, slamming it into the water. The fuselage tumbled into the swell as it began to rise again. Both Nick and Gail were tossed inside the deathtrap. The crew in back must have lost their mics because they were radio silent.

With one final hit, the front window shattered, allowing bone-chilling sea water to flood inside. There was nothing more they could do. The orange and white aircraft slipped below the surface of the water. The faint glow of the red and green navigation lights became dimmer as it sank deeper into the sea.

“CG6055, this is Orca, come in.”

There was no response.


This is my favorite part of writing a book. It takes so many people to make the magic happen, and without all of you, I couldn’t get it done. Thank you to my pilot friends for looking over stuff for accuracy. You guys so love to talk planes; it’s a blast to do my research. Thanks to Stephy for all the help with the nurse info. Thanks to my employees for all you do and for the many hours you put in. I know I couldn’t do it without you. The hours we work together are so much fun for me.

Thanks so much to my editors, Maria and Lauren. You are amazing and I love the many ideas you come up with to make my stories so much better.

Finally, thank you to my family. Everything I do is for you. I love you all so much. We are nothing without our friends and family. I can’t imagine how lonely life would be without each and every one of you.