Take Me if You Dare (Entangled Brazen)(9)

By: Nina Crespo

Ethan slanted his lips over hers, and the firm strokes of his tongue whipped up a decadent mix of chocolate and desire. She’d never had anything so delicious in her life, and the more she took in, the more she wanted. The need for oxygen finally forced her away, and she rested her forehead on his chest.

He swore softly. “Yeah, that is one hell of a dessert.” As he moved his hands up and down her back, he lowered his head and brushed his lips along the sensitive skin of her throat. “All I’ve thought about since you walked in the door is touching you, tasting you, and being inside of you.” He punctuated his words with more soft kisses before capturing her mouth with his and delivering a message so blatantly sexual it made her slightly dizzy. Ethan moved his lips a hairbreadth away. “Are you sure?”

Jasmine closed her eyes, hardly able to breathe, let alone explain her state of mind. She wasn’t foolish enough to believe one night could magically erase or fix anything, but it could give what she’d denied herself for a very long time. Simple pleasure.

Gripping the front of his shirt, she pulled him down and let the slow drag and curl of her tongue in his mouth convey what she craved for just one night. Ethan’s deep groan hummed into her mouth, and he grabbed hold of her butt, anchoring her against him. The solid ridge pressing through his jeans short-circuited her mind in place with one single repeating thought.

She wanted him.

Chapter Four

Ethan scrunched Jasmine’s dress up to her hips, and his fingers traced over the edges of her bikinis. A long, rumbling groan of approval vibrated from his chest. “Lace…I knew it.”

He moved his hands to the middle of her back, and anticipation mixed with self-doubt sapped moisture from her mouth, but resolve nudged her forward. She’d spent her entire engagement politely accepting the bullshit Greg and his family handed out to her, and she’d ended up hating not standing up for herself. No more. This was about fulfilling her desires with Ethan. Not just sex with any man. Him. And she was going to do this without regret.

The zipper that had given her so much trouble earlier in her hotel room yielded easily under his adept fingers, and he peeled the dress away. A small shiver ran through her body from the cool air and the look in his eyes.

He swallowed, and the angles of his jawline sharpened. “You’re so damn beautiful.”

Ethan continued to gaze down at her as if he was captivated in a spell. Knowing she possessed him in that moment made her want to show him more. She eased the dress down to let it puddle at her feet, and his chest rose and fell with a ragged breath.

“Jasmine.” The way he said her name was like an actual caress. He stepped forward and smoothed his palms over her hips and into the curves of her waist. “Tell me what you want.”

Everything. Every little thing that would make her hot and flushed whenever she remembered how they’d spent the night. She struggled to say it, but her internal war was instantly lost in the feel of his hands skimming up past her rib cage. Moaning, she arched her back, so needy for his mouth on her breasts, she almost begged for it. But you don’t have to… For once, she just had to ask.

“I want your mouth…on my breasts.”

She’d barely spoken the words and his lips were there laving each breast. The pull of her nipples into his hot mouth made her cry out, and Jasmine gripped his shoulders as she started to tremble. Her knees weakened with each firm suck of his lips and rapid flick of his tongue. If he kept going he’d make her come with his mouth alone, but the throbbing ache between her thighs demanded so much more.

“Take this off.” She clawed at his shirt.

In one swift movement, Ethan stepped back and pulled it over his head. When he tossed it aside, she stared in awe at perfection. Every dip of his deeply muscled chest, every valley in his sculpted abdomen, the silken arrow of hair low on his lean hips, it was all there, just like in her fantasy. Where did she start? Before she could make up her mind, Ethan claimed her mouth.

Jasmine ran her hands over his chest, arms, and back. He was strong, solid, and with each pass of her hands over him, strength rippled underneath her palms. As she glided her hands down his taut stomach, he took in a sharp breath and each tiny muscle grew more pronounced under her fingertips. She moved down to unfasten his jeans and struggled to get the zipper past the bulging fabric.