Take Me if You Dare (Entangled Brazen)(13)

By: Nina Crespo

More memories about what happened six months ago started to fill up his headspace, but he shut them down.

Whatever shit happens on the mission, ends with the mission.

Mitch lifted his shoulders in a loose shrug and continued with his point. “The blonde and brunette love the mystery, but women like the one you almost hooked up with last night want promises. Trust me, if you would have slept with her, she would still be hanging around here waiting for you to offer her a cup of coffee, or worse, trying to cook you breakfast. Next thing you know, you feel obligated to exchange phone numbers, and then you end up feeling like a dick for the next few weeks when you don’t follow through on your promise to call.”

Ethan huffed out a short laugh. “And you’re completely sure about that?” Mitch wouldn’t know how to handle it if he found out Jasmine went against type.

“Absolutely, so congratulations, you’re lucky.” Mitch toasted him with the can. “You dodged another bullet by keeping your distance from that one. Speaking of distance, what time are we rolling out of here?”

“I want to be on the road by fourteen hundred.”

Mitch glanced over at the digital clock on the microwave. “In five hours, huh? Wake me up at noon.” Yawning, he headed for the stairs, carrying the drink and the pie.


Ethan mulled over the word. Mitch was right. He had to keep things in perspective. His encounter with Jasmine last night easily fit into the life he’d chosen, and no matter how good it was, dragging things out with her would have been a huge mistake. He downed the rest of his protein shake in one long swallow. But if he had dodged the proverbial bullet, why did he feel like he’d taken one instead?

Chapter Six

“So—who is he?” Tab asked over the phone.

“Who is who?”

“Stop stalling and spill the details. Who did you meet last night?”

Slightly perplexed, Jasmine juggled her cell phone and fought with her wobbly suitcase as she rolled it through the airport terminal. “His name is Ethan. I met him at the hotel lounge. Oh—and thank you for setting me up like a chew toy for a bunch of horny guys.”

“Considering how it turned out, it must have paid off. What were you wearing?”

It was too easy to imagine Tab grinning with two dainty dimples sunk into her cheeks. Her friend’s Texas charm fooled most people, but she was really a green-eyed con artist in disguise.

Jasmine checked the electronic display for the gate of her two o’clock flight. “If you start talking dirty to me, I’m hanging up.”

“Dirty is the only way to go, and I have a right to ask. I give you my stylist services for free.”

“Using the key I gave you for emergencies to go through my closet doesn’t qualify as a service.”

Tab snorted a laugh. “Half the time your closet is an emergency. Now did you wear the sheath dress or not?”

“If you’re talking about the one you included with the boatload of condoms you sent me for my birthday, yes.”

“Learn to count, missy. I sent you twenty-seven. Now quit complaining and tell me more about Ethan.”

“Well…” While Jasmine weaved through the crowd, she took a moment to think. “He saved me from some jerk at the hotel bar. We danced, and then after that, he wanted to make me dinner. I said, yes, and then—” A vision of Ethan’s naked torso rising above her flashed into her mind. Suddenly, the sweatshirt she’d worn to ward off the chill of the plane felt overly warm.

“Oh, you can’t stop there. How was he?”

“He was charming, intelligent…handsome.” She reached her gate and double-checked that she had at least fifteen more minutes before having to board the plane.

“And…?” Tab prompted. “Come on, get to the good stuff. How was he in bed?”

Jasmine sighed. “You’re so nosy. I had a good time, and he was a dream in the sack. Is that what you want me to tell you?”

“Only if it’s true.” Tab, undoubtedly, had a gloating smile on her face.

Jasmine hurried over to an empty seat next to the window facing the runway. She sat down and rolled her bags near her feet. “Yeah, Tab. That’s the truth.” A small smile nudged up the corners of her mouth. “He knew when to let me have my way and when to take control. I don’t know. I felt taken care of. Worshipped. He even brought me coffee in bed this morning and offered to make me breakfast.”

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