Take Me if You Dare (Entangled Brazen)(10)

By: Nina Crespo

Ethan released a breath that feathered along her temple. “Easy, baby, that’s all me.”

His impressive cock spilled out from the copper vee of his zipper, and a shudder of anticipation made her shake even more. She closed her hand tightly around him, steel wrapped in satiny skin, and all hers for the night.

Breathing out a low curse, Ethan stepped back and hurriedly pushed down his jeans. No waiting. No demands, just a beautiful man ready to deliver what she asked without question.

He reached out and lifted her effortlessly by the hips. “Hold on to me.”

As he headed for the staircase, she grabbed on to his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his waist. Each step he took grazed her aching clit against the heat of his shaft, and she canted her hips up against him searching for relief. Ethan released a husky groan and stumbled over to the side of the staircase. Pressing her back against the wall, he threaded his fingers through her hair and guided her mouth down for a hard kiss that mimicked the thrusting of his hips.

Holding tightly to his shoulders, she wound her legs further around him and matched his rhythm. Each deep press of his hard, thick length caused her beaded nipples to lightly scrape against his chest and her need intensified. She wanted him inside of her so badly it almost hurt. Momentary panic in losing control so completely and desperately wrenched out a sob that escaped into an openmouthed kiss. Ethan took hold of her hips, covered her lips with his, and consumed her next sobbing breath. Her orgasm teased along her senses just out of reach. If she wanted it, she had to let him take there. She had to let go.

Tingles moved up from the bottom of her feet, her legs trembled, and her hips pitched forward. She held on to him, unable to stop her nails from digging into his back or the keening cry that scorched her throat. Ethan tunneled his fingers past the edge of her panties and glided into her clenching sex. Whimpering into his mouth, she shamelessly rode out her climax on his thrusting fingers. When the erotic storm was over, she sagged in the cradle of his arms.

“Damn,” he breathed out.

After he adjusted her boneless weight against him, he carried her up the stairs to his bedroom. Her body still vibrated with aftershocks as he slid her bikinis down her legs, but the glide of his palms up her thighs jolted her body to full awareness.

Ethan kissed her hard and backed her up until she fell onto the bed. He covered her with his big body, and his fully aroused cock pressed into her lower belly. Thoughts of him spearing into her with the primary goal of delivering pleasure made her squirm under him, but aroused as he was, Ethan didn’t hurry. Instead, he leaned in for a long, slow kiss before trailing his lips down her neck to her breasts.

More kisses brushed along her belly to the tattoo of butterflies intertwined with tribal scrolling just above her hip. He nudged her thighs apart, and she widened her legs. Her deep sigh turned into a moan as his talented fingers found the right spot. She clutched the sheets, ruled by the hand pleasuring her in front but dying in anticipation of what was to come.

“Please,” she panted out.

But he continued to drive her mad, replacing his hand with his lapping tongue. Her core grew slick with liquid heat, and she held on for each coveted flick and stroke. Just when she thought she would splinter apart, he moved away for a brief moment, covered his length with a condom, and then sheathed himself slowly inside her inch by glorious inch. His gaze held hers as he rolled his hips, controlling the pace, bringing her close to her peak, and then easing her down only to take her back up again.

Caught in a spin of erotic sensations, she existed only to meet each thrust. She bowed up underneath him, meeting his powerful surges until she was overcome by an orgasm that shattered her from the inside out; every emotion, every feeling and thought, bonded to that moment.

She hung on as he continued longer and harder, seemingly driven by a single-minded mission to give her more of what she wanted…pleasure. His whole body stiffened, and Jasmine felt a violent shudder shake through him at the same time he released a guttural moan. As the warmth of contentment wrapped around her, she held on to him, wanting to capture the feel of his body connected with hers in her mind.