Suddenly Dirty (Dirty Texas #1)(9)

By: J.A. Low

“She’s lucky to have you on her side, Vanessa.”

Giving me a weak smile, she asks. “Do you think the boys would mind if I go to Australia for Christmas? I want to surprise her; I hate that I am not there for her.”

“If they do, then I will just punch them in the balls.”

Laughing she knocked my shoulder with hers, “Thank you, Evan, for listening. I appreciate it even though I know you lost at rock, paper, scissors.”

She made me laugh. Ness knows us so well.

“I’ll miss your birthday.”

That sucks, but I’m used to people missing my birthday. Being born on New Years’ Eve makes it that way, but this was more important than my birthday. The boys and I were all heading to Mexico for my 30th.

“It’s all good, probably best you do not witness it.”

Vanessa let out a loud groan. “Fuck, that’s true, I can come home earlier if you want?”

Laughing at her, I say, “No, no, I was joking, I promise we will behave.”

She raises her eyebrow at me not looking convinced.

“Okay, how about I say we will keep it private and not give the paparazzi anything to photograph,” I promised, giving her my best-dimpled smile.

“Fine, I can live with that.” She smiled in return.


“How is she?” Christian asks, as I arrive back into our suite.

“You’re safe, Chris. It was about Sienna; her lame ass husband got busted cheating on her.”

The boys groan their disapproval over that.

“Seriously, that woman is hot. What a dick for cheating on her,” Christian adds.

“Yeah, she’s fucking prime. Dude needs his head read for sure. Vanessa wants to go home at Christmas to be with her.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from V,” Christian adds.

The boys nod in agreement.

“Maybe we should get Isla to organize a massage for Ness, seeing as she is so stressed out.” Axel adds.

Sounds like a good idea.

“I’ve never seen Ness cry before.” Finn adds.

We all agree.

“Let’s try not to fuck up again like last night. Ness doesn’t need any extra shit from us,” Axel suggests.

The boys all agree; no more blowjobs from groupies in public. Save that shit for private.


Later that night, instead of going out we all decided on a quiet night in, so I’m all alone in my room. Grabbing my laptop off the bedside table, I open it and start searching for porn. I find one where the girl has an Australian accent and all I can imagine is Sienna. Fuck, this isn’t good, I imagine her tits bouncing up and down in that little black dress as she rides me. My piercing is rubbing her clit with each slide against my aching shaft. I can hear her moaning with each hard thrust, over and over again until she is screaming. I blow my load quickly by the visuals in my head, I’m a little stunned. I’m going to hell for this. Fuck!

Months Earlier

My life has been one big blur of paparazzi. The media is hounding me; wanting my comments on Beau and Diana. Pictures of them on dates have been leaked to the media recently. Beau’s camp has gone on the long lost love route romanticizing his infidelity. Diana has been very vocal about her love for Beau. I can’t escape it; they are everywhere, on every magazine and newspaper, pictures of their smiling faces attending charity functions together with his family. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve been replaced. I am constantly being harassed by photographers trying to stir up reactions from me as they throw Diana and Beau’s relationship in my face. I’ve had to hire security to keep them away after one particularly nasty incident that led to my tear soaked face spread across the pages of the weekend newspapers.

I was going to have to come face to face with Beau and his lawyers today in regards to our divorce. I wanted this over and done with so I could move on with my life just like Beau has done. Meeting my lawyer outside Beau’s offices, he gave me a quick pep talk before we made our way through the glass doors. The receptionist gave me a timid smile showing us towards meeting room number 5. Seeing Beau, looking handsome in his dark grey suit, wearing the silver tie I bought him, my heart fluttered remembering all the good in him. Trying to calm myself down, I had to tell myself, he’s not yours anymore. You can do this Sienna.

Then I see HIM! My steps falter for a moment. Of course, he would be here this is the best day of his life, watching his son finally get rid of me for good. Sitting in the chair across from the group of imposing men, Beau’s blue eyes look at me greedily as I walk in. I made sure I looked good for that very reason.

“Miss Hayes.” Beau’s father Phillip stands.