Suddenly Dirty (Dirty Texas #1)(83)

By: J.A. Low

“Yes, yes, yes,” Sienna screams, pulling me up into her arms.

Fuck, I feel like I just won the world series. Nothing can beat this feeling.

“Evan,” Sienna whispers, while I am showering her with kisses. “Take me home, please,” she says, sounding desperate.

“I guess you’ve missed me then?”

“You have no idea how fucking horny pregnancy makes me.”


Sienna nods.

Holy fuck, hell yeah. I take her hand and make our way to the nearest exit. I need to get Sienna home, and soon.


“Evan, fuck, Evan,” Sienna screams my name, as my mouth captures a nipple.

“They’re so sensitive. Shit I think I’m going to come,” she screams again.

I feel her body shudder from her climax, fuck she wasn’t joking about the hormones.

“I need to be inside of you, sweetheart. It’s been too long. I’m sick of jerking off in my hand, it is a poor substitute for your pussy.”

“Seriously, Evan just do it,” she growls at me.

Fuck, I love this woman and how impatient she is for my cock. I push her dress up over her hips and rip her panties off for old times’ sake. A couple of seconds later I am sinking deep into her, and fuck it feels good. “Sienna,” I moan, as her tight little channel wraps around me. “Baby, I have missed you so much,” I growl, as I start to move inside of her, her fingers ripping open my dress shirt throwing it off of me.

“Evan, stop,” she calls out, stopping me

“Shit is everything okay? The baby?”

Shaking her head, her fingers touch my chest tracing the new ink. “You got the same tattoo as me,” she says, staring at it in bewilderment. The Arabic script across my heart – ‘What is coming is better than what is gone’.

“Of course, sweetheart. You were what was coming and I was too stubborn to realize it.”

“I love you, Evan,” she says, kissing me.

“I love you too, Sienna,” I respond, looking at her, my heart bursting with love.

“Now would you hurry up and fuck me,” she curses.

With pleasure!