Suddenly Dirty (Dirty Texas #1)(8)

By: J.A. Low

They point towards her room.

Begrudgingly, I walk towards her room knocking twice on the door, but no answer. Turning back to the security guys silently asking them are they sure? They nod again. “Ness, it’s me, Evan, can you let me in?”

I hear movement behind the door, then Vanessa opens it. She’s kicked off her heels and her eyes are puffy. Leaving the door open for me she walks away.

“Are you okay, Ness?” I have never seen her so defeated.

Walking over to the couch, dropping hard into the cushions, she looks exhausted.

“Why do men cheat?” She asks, turning her head towards me as if I know the answer to the question she is asking.

“Many reasons, I suppose. Why, did someone cheat on you?” I stay out of Vanessa’s love life. Christian is the one that sticks his nose into her business. I didn’t realize she was seeing anyone. Vanessa is like a sister to us. After all these years working with us, if some punk has fucked her over he will have to deal with Dirty Texas.

Vanessa shakes her head. “No, it’s Sienna, my best friend from home. She caught her husband with his ex during her birthday party.”

What a prick, cheating on your wife during her birthday party, that’s low.

“I never liked Beau. How can you tell your best friend you hate her husband? She loved him, Evan. She put up with his stuck up family with a smile on her face for the past ten years. They were always telling him he could do better, that he should have married his ex. Guess they were right, because he was cheating on her with that bitch. How could he do that to her?”

Her face is red with anger. At least she’s not crying anymore. Vanessa pulls out her phone thrusting it at me. “How the fuck can you cheat on her, look at her Evan, she is stunning.”

Pulling the phone back so I can see what she looks like, my eyes widen. This woman is gorgeous; a knockout. Blonde hair curled, pulled back in a messy bun, tendrils falling around her long neck. The deep V of her black dress is dipping low, showing off her amazing tits; they would fit perfectly in my hands. Shit, now is not the time to think dirty thoughts about this woman. She looks shorter than Ness, but her curves are filling out her black sequin dress perfectly. I wouldn’t mind exploring those curves with my lips. Fuck, I think, shaking my head – stop thinking these things. She’s wearing a happy smile on her face, her green eyes sparkling with mischief. My eyes trail further over her; the dress she is wearing is short, showing off a pair of toned, tanned legs. What I wouldn’t give to have them wrapped around my waist. Fuck, what is wrong with me? I hand back the phone to Vanessa before I get into any more trouble with my thoughts.

Her eyes are on me, ignoring the phone. “Who would cheat on that, Evan?” She asks, stabbing the phone with her finger.

I had to agree, but still you never know what happens behind closed doors. Being hot doesn’t mean you’re immune to cheating. It sucks; I found this out the hard way, women can cheat just as much as men. “Is that her husband?” The dark headed guy who has his hands all over her; making me feel jealous that he gets to touch her.

“No, that’s Derrick, her other best friend. He’s gay; Beau hates him too. The man looks like a supermodel, I get why he would be jealous, but that man prefers dick and lots of it.” She chuckles softly. “Sorry, Evan I’m babbling.”

“No, you’re not, it’s fine,” I tell her, giving her a smile as I glance at the phone again, taking in Sienna’s smiling face. “And yeah, she’s hot.”

Vanessa’s smile widens. “She’ll kill me for mentioning it, but she has such a crush on you.”

Well now, I like the sound of that.

Vanessa flicks through her phone again. “This is the bastard.”

It’s a picture of a blonde guy with his arm around Sienna. He looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch model, all preppy and shit. Dressed in cream pants, boat shoes and a white button-down shirt with his sleeves rolled up. He must spend his days sailing on a yacht; you could see the old money oozing from his pores, just like the rich oil boys from back home in Texas.

“He’s a lawyer, all slimy and shit,” Vanessa says, crinkling her nose. This made me laugh.

I continued flicking through more of the photos on her phone. The rest were of Sienna and Derrick; dancing, laughing, drinking and by the looks of things, having a great time. She looked so happy, it’s sad to know how the night ended; my hands fisting in anger for her.

“She’s divorcing him, thank God.”

My ears are standing to attention over this little bit of information. It doesn’t matter if she is single though, there are a number of things standing between us. One: there is an ocean between us, two: she is Vanessa’s best friend and three: she is going to have baggage. Just stick with the groupies Evan.