Suddenly Dirty (Dirty Texas #1)(6)

By: J.A. Low

He just shrugs. “If you helped a brother out once and awhile, I wouldn’t have to find groupies to do it. Which means … I wouldn’t get myself into trouble, and you wouldn’t be yelling at us. See V, it’s a win-win.”

Vanessa rolls her eyes at him.

Christian is always joking about trying to get into her panties, which is sexual harassment seeing as we all work together, but she takes it all in her stride. He’s her best friend. It’s weird because Christian doesn’t have female friends, he has booty calls on speed dial, but for some reasons it works, well, at least, I think it does. A couple of years ago Vanessa moved in with him after her douchebag of an ex decided to use her as a punching bag. They have been tight ever since. Not sure if anything has happened between them as Christian has never said a word, so I guess not because he has the biggest mouth when it comes to his conquests. In my head I think all the fighting they do at work is some intense foreplay then they go home and fuck each other’s brains out.

“Seriously Christian, I’m surprised your dick hasn’t fallen off from any diseases. It’s a fucking miracle”. Vanessa bites back. “Just because you’re Dirty Texas, doesn’t mean you can keep getting away with this shit.”

She’s right; we are grown ass men still acting like horny fucking frat boys. But when a girl wants to suck your dick in the middle of the club, then you can’t knock back that perfect gift from the gods. Never a good sign when Vanessa starts pacing. We are in so much trouble.

“Do you guys realize how much work it takes looking after you?”

We stay silent because I am sure she doesn’t want us to answer that question.

“Cleaning up the same shit? Repeating it over and over?”

I notice her eyes are glassy. Shit, is she about to cry? Fuck, I feel like a bastard, Vanessa looks disappointed in us … with her serious mom face.

“You’re not twenty-year-olds anymore. You can’t keep doing this immature shit; people are getting sick of it, namely me.”

She’s right. We’ve been doing this for so long; we think it’s normal.

“V, are you okay?” Axel asks. He is the complete opposite to his twin, Christian. Christian is loud, crazy, and goofy whereas Axel is quiet, intense, and brooding. The typical creative genius. As the lead singer of the band, he has taken on the role as the unofficial leader of the group, one that he relishes. He has a good head for business and hasn’t steered us wrong with our decisions over the years.

I notice a couple of tears escape and slide down Vanessa’s face, she looks embarrassed, mumbling something about men and running out of the room. Fuck! Did we just break Vanessa?

Beep. Beep. Beep

My phone keeps alerting me to incoming messages. Go away, leave me alone, don’t you understand my life has imploded.

Beep. Beep.

Fuck men, those fucking cheating bastards and their snarky ass mistresses.

Beep. Beep.

Fuck my life.

Beep. Beep.

Just fuck it.

Throwing my phone against the wall hoping it would stop, I watch as it bounces off the cream wall hitting the floor with a thud. I need to pee and clean my teeth. Looking into the bathroom mirror my face is pale, my green eyes are bloodshot. I look like shit. I’m not even sure how I made it back to bed after my breakdown beside the toilet last night.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Leave me alone.” I grumble out loud.

More messages, my stomach rolls thinking about them. Leave me alone! Picking the stupid thing off the ground, I see Beau’s name. I drop to the bed flicking through the million messages from concerned people. Some from my parents, I’m just glad they left early and didn’t have to see their daughter publicly humiliated. They must be so worried. I don’t know what to say to them; I’ll worry about them later.

There’s a couple from Stacey, my assistant, telling me she has cancelled my media appointments. Once a week I work with a morning show, being their on-air fashion commentator and stylist. I don’t think I could face walking onto that stage and smiling to the millions that watch the show; pimping out some outfit, knowing they have probably read the gossip mags about my marriage. Stacey has also issued a press release advising no comment on last night’s events. I think I need to give her a bonus for coordinating this mess for me.

I have tons of messages from Vanessa, one of my oldest friends. Actually more like my sister. Our parents are best friends and business partners and we have known each other since birth. She’s currently traveling through America as PR manager for Dirty Texas. Dirty fucking Texas; the biggest and hottest band on the planet. You can’t turn on the radio without one of their songs playing in the Top 40. I miss her so much. Wish she was here with me now. We could curse out Beau, get drunk, cry and eat tubs full of choc-chip cookie dough ice cream to make me feel better.