Suddenly Dirty (Dirty Texas #1)(4)

By: J.A. Low

“Sisi please, you’re hurt.” Beau takes a step towards me.

“Yeah, and who’s fault is that Beau?” The double meaning not lost on him.

“Let me explain, please.” He pleads.

“Nothing to fucking tell, I saw everything I needed to see.” Then I run. Tears threaten, but I hold them back. Yelling for Derrick, my closest friend, my confidant, the only man it seems I can trust.

“Si, what the hell happened?” Derrick roars, cupping my face in his large hands. “You’re bleeding.”

“Beau.” Was all I could say.

“That motherfucker. I will kill him.” Derrick roars.

Derrick and Beau don’t get along. It is mostly because of how much time we spend together; also, there is the fact that Derrick is gorgeous – but one hundred percent gay. Beau shouldn’t feel threatened by him, but he is. For six years, Derrick has been by my side as the head stylist at my exclusive boutique. We clicked straight away through our mutual love of fashion, cocktails, shopping and trashy reality TV shows. I knew I had gained a new BFF right from the moment we hit it off. Beau works late most nights and doesn’t want to go to the millions of functions I am invited to for work, so I take Derrick. It infuriates Beau when he sees us together in the social sections of the newspaper.

“Sienna.” I hear Beau call my name.

Derrick’s grip holds onto me tighter. “Stay the hell away from her, Beau,” Derrick snarls, pushing me behind him, protecting me from my husband.

“Stay the fuck out of this, Derrick,” Beau growls back. Beau’s mystery woman is right there, standing beside him, placing a reassuring hand on his arm, watching the scene between Derrick and Beau.

Derrick looks between them. “Oh hell no, he didn’t, did he?” Derrick’s eyes are looking at the brunette.

I nod my answer in return, as I had lost the ability to speak.

That’s when Derrick launches himself at Beau, hitting him square in the face.

The brunette screams.

The music stops, and all eyes are now on the fight happening right in the middle of my party.

Derrick has Beau pushed to the floor, fists and insults flying.

“Sienna,” Stacey, my assistant, calls out my name. She comes running towards me moving me away from the fight. “You’re hurt?” She questions, as she digs around her purse, handing me a baby wipe to clean up the now dried blood on my forehead.

“You fucking bastard, how could you?” Derrick screams, the sound of flesh hitting flesh echoes through the night air. Two large security guards pull Beau and Derrick apart, trying to calm each of them down. Beau has a cut lip, and Derrick has a cut eyebrow. They are both breathless, the adrenaline still pumping through their veins from the fight.

“He’s not worth it.” Derrick spits out. I go to him, crouching beside him, cleaning up his cut with some more baby wipes. I was thankful he has my back.

“Sisi, please let me explain.” Beau pleads while his lover is fussing over him. Watching her tending to him makes me want to throw up.

“How long Beau? How long have you been fucking her?” You could hear the gasps from the crowd surrounding us, but I didn’t care if I was airing my dirty laundry, everything else ceased to exist around me.

“Si,” Beau whispers.

Turning my attention towards her, because I knew if Beau wouldn’t give me the answers I wanted, she damn well would tell me. “How long?” I ask.

She stood up straighter, gathering herself before responding to my question. “Beau and I are meant to be together, it’s taken him 10 years to realize this. We are just picking up where we left things all those years ago.”

Her words are spoken as if Beau has already chosen her, and I am just inconveniencing them with my presence. Then it clicked who she was. “Diana?” Looking different to the photos I had seen of her, her blonde hair now dyed a dark chestnut color. Beau’s parents always made comparisons between us, and now here she is before me and I seem to be doing the same. We are opposites she is tall and skinny whereas I am short and curvy.

Beau nodded, confirming my suspicion.

“Fine, who am I to stand in your way. All I’ve heard during my marriage is how Beau should have been with you – I guess it was true. Who am I to stand in the way of true love?” With that, I turn and leave them behind. I can hear Beau calling after me. But I don’t care.

Large arms rest on my shoulders; Derrick was right there beside me as always. “I’ve got you, Princess. I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again,” He whispers into my ear, pushing our way through the shocked crowd.