Suddenly Dirty (Dirty Texas #1)(2)

By: J.A. Low

My temperature is rising, I think someone turned the heating on in the room because the sight of Evan Wyld palming his cock is hot. As I can’t keep my eyes off of him, I question again, “What is that ring?”

Grinning mischievously, his eyes flash back down to his package. “That darlin’, is a Prince Albert piercing; I also have a pubic piercing at the base, ribbed for your pleasure.” Our eyes meet; a smirk crosses his face, sending heat all over my body.

“And women like that?”

Evan gives me a half smile, his hand stills along his dick. “Yes sweetheart, they do. I made one woman faint after experiencing it.”

That sounded hot and scary. I want to touch it the way he is touching it; but I can’t, that would be wrong, so very, very wrong. This is Evan Wyld, famous rock star and my new boss.

“I can see it in on your face; you want to feel it.” Ocean blue eyes challenge me.

Just a little touch wouldn’t hurt. Vanessa and Derrick told me last night I should try new things.

Evan smirks as we both look down at his thick, hard length. Taking my hand in his, placing it over his cock. I hear a small hitch in his breath as my hand makes contact with his velvety skin. My thumb rubs across the metal tip; my grip tightens around his shaft, sliding back and forth just like he was doing earlier. With each tentative touch of my fingers, Evan hums with pleasure.

“You’re killing me, Sienna,” Evan groans. His large palms hit the wall behind my head steadying himself as I continue my exploration.

Evan’s face is inches away from mine; his warm breath touches my skin, setting my nerves on fire. Our breaths quicken with each of my strokes against him. Soft lips press against mine; a tentative tongue licks along the seam of my lips, teasing me to open for him. I can’t fight it anymore; I need this kiss, it has been too long since someone has touched me. Our tongues duel with each other, the hunger in both of us fueling the wild nature of the kiss. Strong arms are now lifting me up off the ground, pushing me hard against the wall. My legs wrap around Evan’s waist naturally, anchoring myself to him.

Wearing nothing but my bra and panties, it feels intimate having his cock stroking me. The hard metal of his piercing rubbing against my now wet, cotton panties. The tiniest bit of fabric separating us from each other, teasing me with an orgasm, which is there just out of my reach.

“You like the way my cock is stroking against you, making you wetter,” he murmurs against my skin. “‘Cause I do”.

Sharp, sensual bites trail down my neck, adding to the sensory overload that is hitting my body. Evan’s nose nudges away the top of my bra; I feel so powerless to stop him. He sucks one of my hard nipples into his mouth, making me whimper. My head falls back hitting the wall behind me. His hips keep a steady rhythm against me, over and over again. Damn this fabric. I’m ready for him to rip them right off me. I want Evan Wyld to fuck me, and fuck me hard against the wall. I feel feverish with need.

“Fuck, your tits are incredible,” he mumbles into my breasts, appreciating their fullness with his large, calloused hands as he palms each of them.

My nails scratch down his back with each push against me. My whole body starts to tingle, every nerve ending on high alert. With one last bite against my nipple and a hard thrust with his metal ring against my clit, he makes me come … and come hard. “Oh my God,” I scream, as an intense orgasm rips through my body. Shit, what did I just allow to happen?

The only sound in the darkened room is our labored breaths. Pushing him away, I need to get away from him. I let my feet fall to the floor in my readiness to run.

Evan is standing before me, his cock looking very hard as though he is only a couple of strokes away from coming himself. Indecision runs through my mind; do I finish him or get the hell out of there? Seeing my dress and purse on the floor beside him, I choose the coward’s way out by grabbing them. I mumble my apologies and escape out the glass doors onto the patio. Looking around, I realize my room is the next door over, relief floods me as I scramble towards it. I enter my room and slam the door shut locking it. Sliding down the back of the door I whisper to myself, “Shit, what the hell have I done?”

Months Earlier

I open one eye then the other, staring up at the shadows dancing across the ceiling. Through the dark alcoholic haze, unfamiliar items in the room come into focus, my hangover clawing hard into my temple, trying to rip it apart from the inside. What the hell happened last night at my birthday party? It takes me a moment, but everything comes flooding back in technicolor. Flashes of each scene from last night. How did everything go so wrong? Rushing from the bed, I stumble into the bathroom throwing up the contents of my stomach into the porcelain bowl.