Suddenly Dirty (Dirty Texas #1)(10)

By: J.A. Low

I haven’t heard my maiden name in over a decade, it sounded strange to be called that again. I better get used to it. No pleasantries are exchanged. We get stuck right into it.

“We have found some interesting information that has changed this case,” The tight smile that slid across his face told me what I needed to know. I was about to be screwed over.

Beau sat up straighter. “Dad, what are you talking about?”

“Son, be quiet, let me handle this,” Phillip yelled.

Beau sat back, he didn’t argue with him, his eyes flashed to me, he was as lost by his father’s ramblings as I was.

“Looking through your wedding paperwork from Las Vegas …” The grimace that set across his face still there after all these years, “they weren’t filed correctly so your marriage isn’t legal.”

My lawyer spoke up; looking over the paperwork Phillip was waving in my face.

“What the hell is he talking about? Beau?” Panic gripped my body.

“You will not address my son, Miss Hayes,” Phillip snapped at me, silencing the room.

“But as Miss Hayes and Mr. Williams have been living with each other for the past ten years, she is legally his de facto,” My lawyer argued.

Not married? Those words are running around in my mind. Beau and I were never married. Nine years of marriage never existed legally. Numb. I was numb as the lawyers continued arguing around me, it was all white noise to me now.

“Miss Hayes.” My lawyer caught my attention. “Did you hear that?”

Shit, no, I just missed something important.

“Dad, this is cruel, even by your standards.” Beau’s face was red; his knuckles had gone white he was holding them so tight.

I had spaced out at the wrong time. “Can you repeat it again for me?”

My lawyer looked at me, hopelessness in his eyes, shit this wasn’t good.

I listened as my attorney informed me that the houses, cars, and the three buildings that housed my business were all purchased via the family trust, not outright by Beau as I believed them to be. If I were willing to walk away from my businesses and not contest them, I would get a lump sum of money and all my employees would keep their jobs. If I contested them they would close it down, lease out the space destroying everything I have worked on for the past six years. How could I have been so bloody stupid? I trusted my husband. When he said he bought the property I didn’t even check how. Fuck, fuck, fuck. A migraine gripped into my forehead. “What does that mean?” Nausea settled in my stomach

Without skipping a beat, Phillip answered my question. “Miss Hayes, it means that you have no claim to any of the property because my son doesn’t legally own any of it. I am willing to be generous, but don’t push me or I will quickly take my generosity away. We will be in touch.” He couldn’t help himself from chuckling as he walked out of the meeting, slamming the door behind him. His lawyers quickly following after him.

“Sienna, I’ll fix this; I won’t let him get away with it, I promise.” Beau whispered, before disappearing after his father.

“I just got fucked over, didn’t I?” I questioned, looking at my lawyer.

“Yeah, they just screwed you over on all of those considerable assets. We can try and fight it, but it will be a lengthy and expensive process. We have the joint bank accounts plus any items you bought together. Anything that is in his name, not the trusts, you have a claim to.”

The room spun as the reality of my situation sinks in. “Thank you, Anthony, for trying to help me, I can’t fight them though, Phillip won and he knows it.”

My lawyer gave my shoulder a squeeze. “I’m sorry, Sienna, you can always fight but they will tie you up in litigation for years if they want to waste any money you do have.”

He was right, Phillip would do that. My only choice is to agree to his demands then move on with my life. Whatever that will be.


Walking through the door of Derrick’s apartment, I felt shell shocked.

“Oh shit,” Derrick says, seeing my face.” This is bad.” Turning towards the bedroom he shouts, “Come out NOW.”

The bedroom door swings open, and there standing before me, is my oldest friend Vanessa, who I thought was in the US.

“Sisi,” she screams, pulling me into a tight hug. I melt into her arms, and then the tears start, which turn into uncontrollable sobs.

Pushing my hair off my face and out of my eyes, Vanessa grabs my attention. “Sisi, I’m here now, it’s going to be okay,” she reassures me.

A couple of hours later I have calmed down enough from the shock of my day. The tequila helped calm my frayed nerves and I was able to appreciate Vanessa finally being here. I still couldn’t believe she had flown half way across the world to be with me. She wanted to spend Christmas and New Year with me, the first one as a single lady.