The Boss's Pet:Sharing Among Friends(9)

By: Tonya Kinzer

She had to toss out the idea of being shy in front of others if that’s the path Nick had in mind for them. Trusting him so far had been enjoyable and his new friends did excite her. With the decision made to play along with whatever Nick did, she smiled to herself as they pulled into the driveway, followed close by Rico and Katherine.

“Nick, you place is gorgeous!” Katherine slipped off her heels and headed to the spacious living room.

Sondra placed her clutch on the side table, then flipped on the light over the wet bar. “Katherine, can I make you another margarita?” She glanced at Rico to get his choice of drink.

“I’ll have a whiskey, hon.”

Nick had gone to get a bucket of ice for them and left her alone with his friend, who didn’t care in the least that he stared down her blouse. “Just admiring your....diamond pendant, nestled between beautiful surroundings. You are a sight to admire, Sondra. Nick is a lucky man.”

Now her cheeks burned. She wasn’t used to being inspected by another man so closely, whose wife was just as beautiful. Finished with Katherine’s drink, she turned to give it her, but Katherine wasn’t there.

Laughter came from the kitchen.

Sondra met Rico’s dark, sexy eyes and felt herself dampen her thong. This was crazy! Her heart raced as she wondered how to entertain this man until Nick came with the ice.

“I’ll take that for you. She’ll be right back.” His fingers wrapped around hers as he took the glass from her. She couldn’t let go with her fingers beneath his; now what?

The spicy scent of Obsession was like a drug to her. Did he know that? Did any man realize what cologne did to a woman? Her fingers were still trapped in his hand!

Rico sniffed the air. “You smell so good. Up close is even better.”

Did he smell what Nick had smelled? Oh gawd! She prayed he didn’t.

“You have beautiful, sensuous eyes...and I’m good at reading a woman.”

Sondra squeezed her inner muscles around the egg nestled inside her. Rico had a dark , exotic, sensual character about him and Sondra could only imagine how good he could tease a restrained woman, taunting her, making her crazy. She wasn’t sure if he was Italian, but there was no mistaking his magnetism!

She wiggled her fingers free from the glass and tried not to shake while she poured herself another Jack.

“Here’s the ice, pet. Did you miss me?” Nick had taken off his tie and jacket in the kitchen; he kissed her neck as he caressed her ass right there in front of Rico and Katherine. She would have to get used to that, especially since Rico didn’t seem to miss a move Nick made whenever he touched her!

Katherine took her drink from Rico. Tonight she’d worn a silky blue spaghetti strap dress that accentuated her figure and displayed a cleavage any man would kill for. “Mmmmm.....great drink, Sondra. Hey, those night lights out there around the pool are calling to me. Shall we? Then we can discuss this dungeon of yours and if it actually exists!”

Nick dropped ice into his drink as he admired Katherine’s dress, or was it more her cleavage? “Great idea. Head on out. The towels are in the cabinet should you get the urge to use the pool or hot tub. I don’t have extra suits though...”

Katherine squealed at the thought, took Rico’s hand and pulled him toward the patio. He removed his suit coat and tie, dropping them on the sofa on his way outside.

Warm lips touched Sondra’s neck from behind and she tipped her head sideways when Nick wrapped his arms around her shoulders. “I love you...and my view from this point,” Nick whispered in her ear as he cupped her breasts, teasing her nipples. “Are you fine with entertaining our friends on the patio...and maybe elsewhere?”

She reached behind her to feel the hard arousal between his legs. “I guess that would depend on what you mean by entertain?” She turned to kiss Nick before they both headed out.

“Playing things by ear and seeing what happens is always fun, as long as you’re okay with that. What are your thoughts?”

“I’ll be your ever-obeying pet this evening, Master, and purr when and where you want me to. Just keep in mind how new I am to this exciting world of yours.”

“Now that’s what I like to hear!”

A slap on her ass only made her more excited. She held out her whiskey for ice, Nick filled it and then followed her out to the patio. She loved entertaining and now she had a beautiful space in which to do it. Katherine and Rico sat comfortably in chairs around the stone tiled table waiting for them. She looked ready to take Rico right there on the spot; her sexuality evident in her blue eyes as she watched Nick following behind her. Comfortable in her relationship with Nick, it didn’t bother Sondra to watch the two exchange innuendos all evening at the restaurant. After all, they’d known each other a long time, although Sondra really had no idea what their past was. Not all that familiar with how people interacted in their ‘lifestyle’, Sondra knew she had a lot to learn.