The Boss's Pet:Sharing Among Friends(8)

By: Tonya Kinzer

“No need to be shy. We’re friends and Katherine and I hope to be close friends for a long time with both of you.” Rico glanced at Nick with a smile. “I’m glad Nick found a woman that can meet his sexual appetite...or at least I’m guessing he has! Now you haven’t answered my question - are you a pet who enjoys sex with a blindfold, not knowing what comes next, but waiting with anticipation?”

Nick couldn’t help it; he laugh out loud. Even in the dark, he could see Sondra turn red but she didn’t back down from Rico’s question. She had enough drinks in her to make her bold.

She looked at Nick, squirmed in her seat, then looked back at Rico. “I’m not afraid to try new things in the bedroom. I trust Nick enough to do that.”

Katherine touched Sondra’s arm as she laughed and leaned closer. “I’ve got some great websites I’ll send you for new toys if you lean that way. Rico loves it when I order new toys for us.”

When Rico gave Nick a questioning glance, Nick nodded his approval of Sondra’s answer. He knew he wouldn’t have to explain anything further.

Nick laid his napkin on the table in front of him. “Ladies, how ‘bout we continue this conversation at our place. At least at home, the drinks are free!”

Katherine touched Nick’s arm, sending a warm sensual jolt through his body. He remembered her touch well...all too well. Time hadn’t made him forget either. “I think that’s a great idea. We’ve not seen your new place, Nick. I can’t wait!”

Touching his knuckle beneath her chin, he held her gaze. “I even have a dungeon where Rico could use and abuse you, my dear.”

Sondra’s eyes widened at that comment as she stared at Nick. “She knows I’m only teasing!”

“Well that’s too bad. I’d pay you dearly for letting me make good use of that!”

Nick pulled out Sondra’s chair and she laughed along with them all the way to the car. “Follow us out to the house. We’ll continue this at home!”

Sondra climbed into the car and leaned her head back, then looked at Nick as she squeezed her inner muscles around the vibrating egg. Nearly unable to take anymore, she pressed her knees together to enjoy the near-orgasmic sensations. She reached over and caressed his cheek with the back of her fingers. “Thank you for a wonderful evening. Your friends seem very nice. They care about you.” She touched her stomach. “I ate way too much! And I may have drank one too many!”

“Then that means I can probably take advantage of you later, yes?”

“First, can you please turn this little vibrator off before I totally soak through to my skirt?”

Nick sniffed the air and she slapped his arm. “You are so bad!”

“You have to be dripping about now. I could slip right in!” He reached into his pocket and turned her vibrator off.

She took in a deep breath and released it. “Wow...thank you! I think we need to strap one of these onto you and see how you like it!”

“Oh, but I don’t smell near as good as you do!”

Against her fingers, he was as hard as one of her vibrators! She squeezed him. “I’m glad I can excite you.”

“That’s never been a problem where you’re concerned.” He leaned over and kissed her before putting the car into drive.

Thinking about the conversation over dinner, Sondra couldn’t help but wonder how these two fit into Nick’s life. Were they just long time friends? They hinted at more than that, leaning toward his type of lifestyle. Rico’s dark eyes also told a different story the few times she was brave enough to look into them for any length of time. Picturing him in a seductive setting and a dim dungeon caused Sondra’s heart to race a bit. Could she perhaps one day allow him to see her naked, tied over the spanking rail? Her cheeks heated just thinking about it and she glanced out the side window so Nick wouldn’t pick up on her thoughts.


She had to admit that the excitement, along with a few drinks, could be fun, although she’d have to get over the idea of being so shy in front of strangers. Walking around naked in front of Nick was hard for her but total strangers? She thought about it; if Nick forced her to do it, she would have to obey, taking the decision out of her hands. Her safeword could always be used but that was meant for stopping pain, not humiliation. Certainly not to be used just because she was too shy.

She took another nervous deep breath.

This lifestyle did, indeed, make for an excitement level in her sex life that she never could have imagined. The experiments Nick had put her through so far hadn’t harmed her and they weren’t so painful she had to refuse them. Keeping an open mind to whatever might happen tonight could lead to more fun if she let go of her inhibitions.