The Boss's Pet:Sharing Among Friends(7)

By: Tonya Kinzer

“Sondra comes from another investment firm and has done a marvelous job bringing in new clients since she joined me. I might have to give her a raise if she keeps it up!”

Gloria arrived with the coffee and proceeded to fill their cups, taking the attention off herself. This gave Sondra a chance to watch their guests interact with Nick. They truly seemed like long time friends and she tried to keep an open mind. The thought of this man being a fellow Dom wouldn’t leave her mind. He was too good looking, first off, and his air of authority couldn’t be ignored, though he didn’t act snobbish at all, like some men she’d met in her past.

She let Nick present the funds and what the two could expect. They weren’t happy with the current plan they were in and looked to move all their money to Nick. Katherine’s quiet, yet strong, personality led Sondra to wonder about her lifestyle as they listened to Nick, unaware that Sondra sized them both up. She knew she shouldn’t be placing them into a certain mold, but couldn’t help seeing these two fitting comfortably into a bondage situation. Startling herself that she would even think this of total strangers, she poured herself another cup of coffee and refilled the others as Nick talked.

Sondra watched Rico’s hands as he flipped through the papers, pointing out the figures to Katherine on different fund charts. She easily envisioned him standing over Katherine, strapped to a table and again shocked herself.

Stop it!

Yet that’s the vibe she received without them even hinting at anything along those lines. If they did enjoy the lifestyle, could she interact with them that way? Her cheeks heated as she nearly embarrassed herself.

Nick closed his notepad and laid his pen down. “Shall we let you think about all this over lunch?”

Sondra enjoyed the afternoon getting to know Katherine and Rico. He and Nick had been friends for years, which is another reason Sondra easily fit them into the bondage scene in her mind. She would have to get to know them better before finding out the truth; right now they all got along well.

The investment papers were signed and Nick seemed pleased it all happened so easy. Dinner plans had been agreed on for later that night and Sondra looked forward to being with them. The two were warm and friendly and genuinely interested in Sondra being part of Nick’s life.

* * * * *

Sondra’s patchouli perfume always made Nick want to take her right on the spot, wherever they were; he loved the smell of it. Tonight was no different. Out with friends, they should have a good time and be able to relax. Sondra seemed comfortable with Rico and Katherine. They seemed to like Sondra and he enjoyed watching the exchanges between them all. Good food, plenty of drinks, darkened restaurant with lots of candlelight...great setting to get things started.

Getting them all together might take awhile; he didn’t think Sondra could handle moving too fast with something like this; only time would tell. She seemed pretty comfortable with her new friends tonight. She and Katherine got along well; he knew they would. Both women were smart, ran their own businesses or close to it, and knew what they wanted.

Nick smiled and touched the control in his pocket, debating on whether he should click it on. Sondra didn’t object when he made her kneel on the bed so he could insert her vibrating egg deep inside, teasing her, getting her hot and wet, then making her get dressed for dinner without giving her release. He told her she would have to wait for later.

She’d just received her third Jack on the rocks and was enjoying herself, laughing with his two friends. Suddenly, she glanced at him with wide eyes and try as she might, she couldn’t hide her surprise from him. Squirming a bit in her seat, Nick left the control on low. The constant low internal buzz would drive her crazy.

“How was your shrimp and steak, pet? Did it satisfy that hunger of yours?”

Sondra stirred her Jack with her finger, bobbing between the ice, then licked it off as she met his gaze. She tried to hide how he affected her, without success. He would know she’d already soaked her thong.

“Only you can satisfy my hunger, Sir.”

Her green eyes teased him, making him harder than he already was. Good thing he didn’t need to get up just now.

“Pet? Sir? I like the sound of that! Usually pets enjoy being blindfolded. Would you happen to fall into that category, Sondra?”

She seductively gazed at Rico; the candle flickered in her eyes. Nick leaned back in his chair to enjoy what he knew would be a fun conversation, curious to see where it would lead.

“I’m not quite sure how I should answer that. I don’t know you well enough, but...being a close friend of Nick’s, I shouldn’t be shy around you, right?”