The Boss's Pet:Sharing Among Friends(6)

By: Tonya Kinzer

“Now that’s a good question. I want you to meet many of my friends. Some enjoy that lifestyle and some don’t, but I want you to meet them on your terms. Get to know them without wondering if he might be a Dom or if she is a top...or...has ever subbed for me.”

Sondra’s eyes narrowed as he spoke.

Nick had to laugh again; he loved that she also kept his humor up! “I can see more questions in your eyes, love. Relax. Just meet them all as vanilla friends first, because many are just that - great friends who have no idea that I have another side to me.”

“Fair enough. I can’t wait to meet them. I suppose we need to get moving if we’re going to get to the office.” Sondra set her empty cup on the corner of the tub and leaned toward Nick as she stood up. Stepping between his thighs, her breasts dripped water as he licked a hard nipple and wrapped an arm around her slender waist.

“Gawd, you’re beautiful!”

“You’re definitely good for my self esteem, Master! Let’s get ready for the office. If we keep this up, we won’t leave the house.”

Chapter Two

Sondra sorted through a few pages of the fund portfolios she and Nick had decided on yesterday for his clients. The funds would provide a good balance over the years to come; they should be happy with the results, even if the market fluctuated a bit.

An unfamiliar deep voice drifted in from the outer office and Sondra looked at her watch. The clients must be here so she gathered her paperwork and presentation folders. Today she dressed in a straight black skirt with a black silk cowl-neck top that was cut a bit lower than she liked but Nick chose it for her to wear. Her gold diamond pendant rested just above her cleavage.

As she stepped into the hallway and walked toward the lobby, all conversation stopped and all eyes were on her. Immediately her cheeks heated. A stunning blue eyed woman with long dark hair and a friendly smile held out her hand and Sondra shook it. “You must be Sondra. I’m Katherine. Nick has told us so much about you. It’s wonderful to finally get to put a face to the name. This is my husband, Enrico.”

Sondra met Enrico’s gaze and his dark Italian eyes undressed her where she stood, or at least that’s what it felt like. She wondered if Nick or Katherine noticed it. He could easily have stepped out of a magazine with that hot body hidden beneath a suit.


Enrico extended his hand and when she shook it, he pulled her close and kissed her cheek. Sincerity could easily be used to describe his demeanor; warm and friendly and he put Sondra at ease right away.

“It is, indeed, our pleasure to meet you, Sondra. Please, call me Rico. Nick tells me you are the brains of the operation now and have some exciting funds to show us.”

Nick smiled his sexy smile at her. “Shall we head to the conference room? There’s more room down there and it’s quieter. Gloria, bring down two carafes of coffee and half and half ASAP, please? Ladies, right this way.”

Leading the way to the conference room and down the stairs, Sondra could only envision the broad shoulders beneath Enrico’s suit coat. His firm hand shake spoke of authority, making her mind consider the type of lifestyle he might lead. There she went, assuming before she even got to know them, yet one couldn’t help but wonder when they appeared that strong and virile. She would keep her mind open that they might just be good friends of Nick’s, and no more.

She flipped on the lights in the conference room; the smell of leather came from the expensive chairs Nick had bought recently. Everything he surrounded himself with was top notch. Memories of what the two of them had done in this room a few months ago filled her mind as she remembered herself bent over the table during her inspection. Thinking of her and Nick again made her seep onto her thong, damnit! She shook her head and welcomed her guests in.

Nick removed his suit coat and hung it on the back of a chair. “Rico, would you like a drink before we get into this?”

Rico also removed his coat. “I’ll wait until we have lunch, I think. Coffee will be fine when it arrives.”

Sondra watched as Rico hung his jacket on the chair, then laid her things on the table and got coffee cups from the cabinet and napkins. She could feel Rico’s gaze on her ass and looked at him as she turned back to put the cups on the table. He smiled and winked at her, then his gaze landed on her diamond pendant...or did it?

Nick didn’t seem to notice as he talked with Katherine. Her laugh was light and friendly; she seemed like someone Sondra could easily get to know. Their day might be fun after all. Why was she so nervous to meet Nick friends? They were clients and she would do her best to present a plan they couldn’t resist.