The Boss's Pet:Sharing Among Friends(5)

By: Tonya Kinzer

With that, he groaned as his cock moved between her breasts. He watched her tongue try to touch the head each time it peeked from between her breasts and he wanted to see his cum drip from her neck and chin. Suddenly cream shot up and covered her as he let it go with groans of pleasure. She excited him to such an extent that he only had to be near her for his body to want release. Dripping now from her chin and neck, she was a vision for him to remember this way.

“ are so good. You may wipe yourself off with your robe, pet, although I think I’d like to see that cream there all day.”

Shy and smiling, Sondra stood up and with the robe, cleaned herself off, then tossed it on the patio near her chair. “I’m glad I can satisfy you. Would you like coffee for the hot tub, Sir?”

“First, I’d like you to lean over here and kiss me.” Nick put his knees together so she had to straddle his thighs and he cupped her breasts as she leaned over. Their tongues melded and swirled hot together and he was already thinking of making love to her. That would have to wait. He reached between her thighs and her wetness covered his fingers.

“I think I’ll keep you wanton all release for you this morning. You behave better that way. If you mind your manners all day, you can cum tonight. Now grab our coffee and let’s hit the hot tub. We have clients coming to the office today that I want you to meet.”

Nick uncovered the hot tub as she poured their coffee, and then they climbed in to relax.

She sipped her coffee then put her head back. “This feels so good! I love that we can come out here before heading to the office.”

“I’m glad I get to see you naked before we head to the office. I like this, having you here with me.”

Lifting her head, she met his gaze, her eyes sparkling in the morning sun. “I like being here with you. It’s a great way to start my day.”

“I know you don’t like to be naked, even in front of me, but we’ll work on that, just so you know. I will get you over that, so you aren’t so shy at showing your body. You’re a beautiful woman and men love to admire beautiful women.”

“I will work on it. I just wasn’t raised with a lot of nudity in our family. I’m sure you’ll enjoy helping me to get over my shyness.”

“Oh I will. We’ll start with getting you out here on the patio, naked, many times, until it becomes very easy for you. I don’t want you shy about being nude...or showing certain parts of your body to me while we’re out here. We also like to see women excite themselves, stroking their own bodies, for our visual pleasure.”

“Now that, I don’t think I could do!”

Nick laughed out loud, knowing full well the things he had planned for her to do. “That comment only presses me further to make you feel comfortable about yourself and learn what your body needs. Only by doing will you learn.” He watched her closely. “Later on, down the road, some of the parties we’ll be attending...women walk around nude. Their masters are helping them to get over being shy as part of their training. Another part of their training is being touched by another trusted Master.”

Choking on her coffee, Sondra sat straight up in the water, holding her cup so she wouldn’t spill it while she coughed. Now she stared at him. “I don’t think that’s in my contract!”

He chuckled again. “No...neither does it state that I can’t walk you around nude at a party.”

Fear narrowed her eyes. “You know I’m not ready for that!”

“I didn’t say it would be tomorrow!”

She sipped more coffee, her gaze moving out to watch the tree line at the edge of his property. Nick could see her mind going over many things. Now he’d given her more to contemplate and that’s what she needed. This would be good for her.

Submission was good for her. Working together at the office allowed Sondra to be in charge as far as her clients and his employees were concerned. She had an excellent head for business and the decisions that had to be made for her portfolios. The other advisors were also beginning to trust her investment strategies which Nick thought helped her standing in the eyes of his employees. Hiring her had been a good move, he never doubted that!

Sondra looked back at him. “Who are these clients we’re meeting this afternoon.”

He had to smile. Even in the hot tub she looked the brainy executive with her hair clipped up in the back. “Oh...just a wealthy businessman and his wife, wanting a good investment vehicle for their money.”

“Will I always have to wonder about meeting new clients and if they might be a part of your other lifestyle?”