The Boss's Pet:Sharing Among Friends(4)

By: Tonya Kinzer

Sondra couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t breathe, her heart raced with each stroke of his tongue as she held herself open to him. Then his thumbs pulled her cheeks apart. One thumb slipped inside her to play in her juices, then moved down to circle her tight ass, teasing, pressing its way inside against the tight muscle.

* * * * *

Nick pressed his tongue against Sondra’s hardened clit and her sweet nectar hit his taste buds. He licked her sensitive lips, around her opening then teasingly stuck his tongue inside, swirling her honey all over. Before she got used to that, he moved back to cover her clit with his mouth and gently sucked it in, feeling it pulse against his tongue.

Licking, teasing, he kept at her and she stayed so still, holding herself open for him.

His hands cupped her ass, his thumbs spreading her cheeks apart. He couldn’t resist dipping a thumb in her honey to provide lubricant so he could slip it just inside her ass. The tight muscle there fought to keep him out but he persisted, spreading the juices around, relaxing her, yet he still felt resistance.

Leaning back to see her juices glisten on her lips, he loved seeing her seep. “Bear down on my thumb, babe, open for me. Come on.....there you go....breathe....mmmm.....see how easy that was.” Now slippery, he slowly moved his thumb in and out, careful with her after their play of last night. Blowing on her, Nick knew it would make her crazy.

As if on command, her moans became audible.

“Yes, dear? Are you needing something?”

She could only moan in response.

“Beg for me, subbie. Beg me to lick you.”

Another moan from her; she hesitated. “Please lick me, Sir…please? I want to feel your tongue on my hard clit.”

To tease her one more time, he gave her several quick short licks to her clit then stopped. It wasn’t time for her release just yet. He pulled his thumb out, slowly let her legs down, then moved his hands up her stomach to caress her full breasts and tease the hardened nipples.

“Your heart is racing, babe. Glad I could make that happen.” Her green eyes were merely dark orbs, even though the sun was bright. Wanton, sexed, excited...putty in his hands...exactly how he wanted her!

Nick moved back to his chair, slipped out of his shorts and took a seat. The purple head of his hardened cock stood at attention and he stroked it for her. He had her full attention now but she still sat in her chair, though watching intently. Tipping his hardness toward her, he stroked until the tip glistened in the sun, his own juices now seeping over the head.

Sondra wet her lips.

“You need to slip out of that robe, fold it up and put it on the ground over here as a pad for your knees, pet.”

Again, her eyes widened at him. “You want me naked out here?”

“Of course I do. I think of that all the time...of you walking around so I can admire your body, your full breasts. Cup them for me, come on...mmmm....yes, you know that makes me crazy.” His hand wrapped around the fullness of his shaft, stroking as he watched Sondra. “Slip off the robe, pet, or you’ll be spanked out here, too.”

She stood up and let the robe fall off her shoulders but to rest on her arms. Her breasts hung full and round for him, the nipples dark and pointed in the slight breeze.

Scooting toward the edge of his chair, Nick spread his thighs wide to give her room to kneel between them. “You’re wasting time, pet, and that could cost you later.”

With that, she took off the robe and shyly folded it then placed it on the patio in front of his chair. Seeing her naked, out here in the sun, hardened him even more. She was beautiful, sensuous and all his! Placing her hands on each of his thighs, she knelt before him with her knees apart, then placed her hands behind her back, not leaning forward until instructed. This made her breasts stick out more for him, full and round.

“You’re learning so well, babe. See how excited you make me? This is all for you. You may lean forward for three licks and one suck, that’s it.” Nick watched intensely as she traced her tongue up the back side of his shaft then swirled his juices over the head. Slowly she took him into her hot mouth and her tongue moved more, making him twitch with excitement.

“That’s enough. Lean back.”

Her eyes never left the purple head, but he could see the want, the need, in her eyes. A pink tongue wet her lips, wanting more.

“Stick out your tongue. I want to see how bad you need to lick this.”

Nick continued to slowly move his hand up and down, squeezing tight as she watched. “Cup your breasts and lean over here.” She did and he rubbed his juices on her chest. “Now take my cock between them and stroke me that way. Oh baby...I love that!”