The Boss's Pet:Sharing Among Friends(3)

By: Tonya Kinzer

“You aren’t serious?” She’d not retied her robe, nor did she blatantly keep it open.

“Oh, but I am serious. Open the front or take it off. Your choice.”

Leaving her waist and hips covered, she opened the top wide enough to expose her breasts to the sun.

“That’s much better. Thank you.”

Sondra sipped more coffee then closed her eyes and leaned her head back. At least if her eyes were closed she couldn’t see him watching her; she could feel him though. She knew he stared at her over the rim of his mug.

“I think I need a better view, dear. Open the entire robe...”

Without opening her eyes, she obeyed and pulled the edges of the robe all the way open.

“Mmmm...let that sun warm your skin. Perhaps we need to get you sunbathing in the nude out here.”

“Maybe I need to do that.” She refused to look at him yet could feel his gaze caress every visible part of her, almost.

“I think I need to see more.”

She pretended not to hear him; he couldn’t possibly be serious about opening herself up to more scrutiny!

“Pet...pull that foot stool closer, keep your feet up there and open your knees for me.”

With that, she nearly dropped her cup of coffee. She lifted her head and widened her eyes at him.

“Don’t give me that look. It won’t hurt at all by doing what I just requested but it will hurt if you ignore me. I want to see all of you...out here in the sun. You can do it on your own or I can come over there and use the belt of your robe to tie your knees open.”

Slowly she used her feet to pull the stool closer, all the while watching Nick as he watched her. She kept her knees together and her feet on the stool. When he met her gaze because she’d not moved anymore, the stern look told her not to push the matter. Opening her knees a tiny bit, she waited. Again he met her gaze, then leaned forward to stand.

“Okay.....” Hating to, but knowing better than to disobey further, she spread her knees wide and felt the sun hit her private parts that had never ever seen the sun. Warmth heated her face and she knew it had nothing to do with the sun this time. Quickly closing her eyes and digging her nails into the palm of her left hand, she leaned her head back and tried to ignore that she sat out here naked, on display. This went against everything in her being. How could she make herself get past this feeling now that she was with a man who loved watching her naked body?

He spoke again, pulling her from her thoughts. “Scoot your ass closer to the edge of the chair.”

She did as he requested, still not opening her eyes and scooted to the edge.

She waited, her stomach swirling...with excitement or nervous tension?

“Finish your coffee.” He waited. “Then I want you to reach down and pull your lips open for me.”

That comment took a bit of time for her to digest. Even though they were out here alone with no way possible for someone else to be in their backyard, she couldn’t believe he asked that while they were out here. Still with her eyes closed, half to ward off her humiliation of having to do this, Sondra finished her coffee, opened her eyes and sat her cup on the table.

Nick watched her closely and she could tell he was serious.

Would he spank her out here if she disobeyed?

She really didn’t want to find out and reached between her legs. Again closing her eyes and leaning her head back, she had to press her breasts together with her arms as her fingers pulled her labia wide open for Nick to see all he wanted. Tightening her inner muscles was almost automatic, and then she released them.

Nick groaned.

The sun warmed her skin more.

Air felt strange on her ass as she tightened and released those backdoor muscles.

She waited, nervously, keeping her eyes closed, wondering what he was doing now.

Somehow, by keeping her eyes closed, she didn’t have to see her own body on display. She knew Nick would make her sit like this for several minutes.

“I love watching your insides twitch like that, babe, your muscles showing me how excited you are. Your body betrays you, you know. You’re seeping, I can see it from here; your juices glisten in the sun. I only have to wait and your body begs for you. But I prefer to hear you beg...and you will, in time.”

Silence, except for a groan or two from Nick.

She waited.

Her muscles tightened again, she couldn’t help it anymore.

Then her feet were lifted off the stool and it was pushed aside. Still she didn’t open her eyes for fear of what he might make her do.

Her feet rested on his shoulders.

His tongue on her clit, teasing and licking...moving around her opening but not going in. A short lick...a longer lick....then his mouth covered her clit and gently sucked, his tongue lavishing over her, making her take a slow deep breath, holding back. Nick slowly teased her then slipped his tongue inside her, swirled it around and moved back to her clit, suckling, tasting, licking.