The Boss's Pet:Sharing Among Friends(10)

By: Tonya Kinzer

Suddenly, she nearly stopped in mid-step as her insides began to buzz. Nick laughed behind her, although she hoped their guests had no idea why! He kept the buzz to a lower, more tolerable level and she tried to compose herself. The evening’s talk of sex and too much alcohol didn’t help that her thong was soaked.

Rico pulled her chair out and she sat down, carefully. Taking a long drink of her Jack, she hoped for a bit more courage while the internal buzz reached out to tease all her nerve endings, prompting her desire for release. Maybe conversation would take her mind off the need taking over her body. “Katherine, have the three of you been friends a long time?”

Her blue eyes landed on Nick. “We go back a ways, the three of us, so yes, I’ve known these two a long time. I also knew Nick’s ex and I already like you much better. She was quiet, didn’t like to be around us, not real outgoing, like I’ve already noticed you are. You seem a much better fit for Nick and he’s happier; I can see it.”

Nick squeezed her hand. “I got lucky the day she applied at my office. The employees love her, business has increased with the clients she’s brought in so I can’t complain. She has a mind of her own and knows what she wants. Luckily, we seem to want the same things and working the same hours somehow causes less stress. I don’t sit around worrying that I should be home because she’s usually down in her own office working.”

“That has to make life easier and happier,” Rico said. “We work together, too, so we know what you mean. I can tell Sondra works out as much as you do, Nick. Nice benefit!”

“Yes it is, a gym partner as well as a life partner, I hope.” Nick winked at her with that sexy smile.

Sondra held Nick’s gaze. “I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

“I’m trying to talk her into taking a vacation, but she doesn’t want the employees to think we’re taking one together. As soon as she figures out when, she’ll let Gloria know and I’ll put in my notice to head out to Palm Springs.”

Rico held up his glass in cheer. “We’d love the company! Jake will be thrilled to hear that. Have you let him know yet?”

Sondra couldn’t help but glance at Nick with a raised eyebrow and Rico touched her arm when he saw that.

“I don’t think we mentioned we’re from Palm Springs. We own a resort there so I hope you two stay with us when you visit. I’m sure Jake will hold one of his parties to welcome you both to the city! Don’t wait too long. The heat is awful. Then again, you just wear less clothes!” Rico laughed.

Katherine took a step closer to Nick. “ there a dungeon hidden beneath your house or not? Inquiring minds want to know?’

“Maybe we should go down there and I’ll let you look around and see for yourself. We can refresh our drinks before head down.”

The low buzz continued and Sondra squeezed her muscles tight, imagining what would happen next and how long Nick would make her do this. She arched her back and squeezed again when Nick met her gaze.

“You look like you need me to satisfy an itch, pet...or maybe let Rico scratch it for you!”

Rico and Katherine were nearly in the door but he still heard Nick’s comment. “I’d be more than willing to scratch whatever itch your pet might have!”

Chapter Three

Nick enjoyed this evening entertaining his friends who hadn’t visited in what seemed like forever. Their day had been fun and profitable, to say the least. He set their ice bucket on the bar when they got downstairs.

Rico walked around admiring the decor. “This is quite the man cave down here, my friend. Nice high ceilings and I have plenty of head space. Kind of nice not having to walk around low ceiling beams. Big screen plasma, overstuffed sofas and recliners, full bar...nice by the way. Look at all that variety stacked up there! Kind of like our women!”

“On that I’ll have to agree. By the way, I do keep a whip under the bar for when she’s bad, which is more than she’ll let on, being in the company of new friends. I think she enjoys being bad so I can spank her!”

Katherine leaned close to Sondra. “I love misbehaving and he loves spanking my naked ass!”

Sondra laughed and Nick watched her sexy blush cover her cheeks. This time it moved down her neck and chest where her deep cleavage drew his attention and made him twitch a bit. Rico seemed to have enjoyed looking, too. He’d watched the entire evening as his friend admired his woman; he was proud of Sondra and glad she seemed to be enjoying her lessons.

Katherine roamed around, checking things out, peeking in different rooms. “I see a gorgeous guest room, a bathroom, an dungeon to be found, my dear.”