By: Claire Kent

She searched his expression. “You’re not jealous of him, are you?” she asked, noting that same underlying tension again. Her heart leaped in hope at the idea—at the possibility that Owen might be jealous of her feelings for another man.

She shouldn’t feel hopeful. She absolutely shouldn’t feel hopeful.

But she did.

“Why would I be jealous? You can shag him, if you’d like. Just make sure you tell me, so we can go back to using condoms.”

That was another of their ground rules. They were exclusive unless they said otherwise, at which time they’d start using condoms again. Amy had no desire to sleep with anyone but Owen, and she doubted he’d have time to fuck anyone else, between the long hours he spent at work and the time he spent with her.

She was sure, if he did, he would tell her about it. She trusted him at least that much.

“I don’t want to shag…to sleep with Wes,” she said, once she’d recovered from her surprise. “We’re just friends.”

“Are you sure that’s all he wants?”

“Yes, I’m sure that’s all he wants. So you are jealous?” That jumpy excitement started up in her chest again, even as she tried to stamp it down.

“Of course, I’m not jealous. Unless he has one of those magic penises that fork into ten different heads.”

Amy couldn’t quite hide a grin. “Or maybe he has one of those magic penises that can make me come seven times.”

This was evidently the wrong thing to say. Owen’s hand, which was once more on the small of her back, clenched suddenly.

“I was joking,” Amy said, feeling rather hopeful again at the glower on his face. “I have no interest in Wes’s penis, magic or not. Don’t get all cranky.”

“I wasn’t cranky, to use your unfortunate word, about that. I am still baffled by the fact that you think it would take magic for you come seven times.”

“Are we back to that?” She groaned ironically, mostly to cover up that she was disappointed that he wasn’t really as jealous as she’d been hoping. She’d known it was stupid to hope for such a thing. “Unless you’d like to prove it, then I think you should give the subject up.”

They’d reached her building, and he pulled to an abrupt stop. She stopped too, by necessity.

His eyes had suddenly taken on a heat that made her heart race in excitement. “I will prove it.”

“Well, you’ll try anyway.”

“I’ll succeed.”

“With your cock, not your mouth or your fingers.”

“With my cock.”

One of Amy’s neighbors, who was leaving the building just then, gave Owen a quick, startled look.

“And you’ll only have a limited amount of time. Say an hour.”

“You said the scene in the book was an hour or two, so you’ll have to give me two hours.”

“Fine. Two hours. Seven orgasms. No cheating.”

“No cheating.” He stepped forward and leaned into her in a way that made her gulp. “I’m offended you think I’ll need to cheat to make this happen.

“Well,” she managed to say, feeling her cheeks start to warm from the heated look in his eyes. “I know you’re stubborn, and your skills in bed are impressive. But, seriously, I’ve never come more than twice at one time in my life. Some women can’t have multiple orgasms, so I hope you won’t take it as a slight to your manhood when I’m not able to make it to seven.”

He tilted his head down until his face was a breath away from hers. She shivered at his closeness, at the warmth she could feel radiating off his body. He murmured, “My manhood is functioning just fine.”

Amy gulped again. “Never doubted it. But seven—”

He brushed her lips so lightly that it could have been the flutter of a feather. “What’s the victory prize?”

She hadn’t thought about that yet, but she never doubted her victory. She knew her own body, knew their history in bed—which was always amazing but always like real sex. Knew she’d never make it to seven. “I don’t know.” She wrinkled her forehead in reflection but lost the ability to think clearly when he started sliding his tongue across her lower lip. “What do you think? Got any ideas?”

“When I win,” Owen said, rubbing his hand lower on her back. “Then we’ll live out one of my fantasies.”

“That’s good.” She was starting to wonder what she’d gotten herself into and was darkly fascinated by the mysterious content of Owen‘s sexual fantasies. “And when I win, the same thing applies.”