Rush (Gods #2)(80)

By: Samantha Towle

“Well, call me old-fashioned, but I want it to be official. I want my ring on your finger and my kids in your belly.”

It’s my turn for my brow to rise. “We’re having kids?”

“At least four,” he tells me.

“Four?” I almost yell, my eyes going wide. I figured, when the day came that I had kids, I’d have two. One of each.

“I said, at least four.”

“Sweet Jesus. What are you working toward, your own football team?”

“A life, Ari. I’m working toward a life with you.”

My heart swoops and dives.

“I want it all with you…marriage, kids, a home—the whole nine yards.”

I stare up at him, smiling, running my fingers through his hair. “I want that, too. I’m not sure about the number of kids”—I grin—“but I definitely want my life to be with you.”

“We’ll stick a pin in the number of kids to revisit later, but we’ll keep practicing making them.”

“Now that, I can agree with.”

I reach up onto my tiptoes and kiss him. His fingers grip the fabric of my dress at my back, his tongue slipping into my mouth.

“Move in with me,” he says out of left field.

I lean back, staring into his eyes, wondering what the hell has gotten into him tonight.

“Where’s my Ares, and what have you done with him?”

He chuckles low, and my stomach clenches in the most delicious way. “Just watching Zeus and Cam today…I’ve always known I love you and that I want you, but seeing them today…I want all of this for us, Ari.”

My lips curve into the biggest smile.

“We practically live together anyway. Let’s make it official. Move into my apartment. You can keep your place if that makes you feel more secure. Sublet it or whatever. It’s not like you’re going to need it though because I’m not letting you go anywhere ever again. I can turn one of the spare rooms into an art studio for you instead of you working out of that small corner of your living room. What do you say?”

He’s staring down at me, his eyes so open and warm, filled with love for me, and there’s only one word I want to say.


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