Ride Wild(102)

By: Laura Kaye

Next, I have to thank my bestie, Lea Nolan, for always being available to plot and brainstorm, including at least one midnight phone call when I’m convinced she got back out of bed to help me. That’s true friendship, and I couldn’t have finished without her. Also, an incredible thanks to another amazing friend, Christi Barth, who put her polishing touches on the book, posing probing questions that made me go deeper right when it counted, and giving me the confidence in a crazy writing situation to know that Slider and Cora were as awesome as I hoped. These two ladies made this book possible, and to have them as my bestest friends makes me the luckiest girl ever.

I can’t miss thanking my amazing husband and daughters, who really sacrificed to support Mom on the world’s craziest deadline ever. I couldn’t do any of this without their constant love and support, and it means the world to me.

Finally, I must thank my Heroes and my Reader Girls for being constant sources of encouragement and motivation. And I have to thank each of you for taking my characters into your hearts and letting them tell their stories again and again.