Rebound:Curvy Seduction Saga – Book One(7)

By: Aidy Award

My pussy jumped, begging his fingers to keep going. “Now I want to try it. How does it work with you two?”

I’d always had a hard enough time keeping one man’s attention during sex. Now I had to perform for three? Hay, Dios Mio.

“Any way you want, doll. My preference is with you on your hands and knees between us,” he said, while a slow easy smile spread across his friend’s face. It was the kind that said they’d played this game before.

“Although I’d like to get a taste of your pink pussy first. I could spend hours down there, babe.” A smooth, sensuous voice poured out of Ian’s throat. Like warm chocolate, it pooled its way into my chest and heated my belly. I could come simply from hearing him talk. Dirty.

Gray spread himself out, pushing his leg against mine and throwing his arms over my shoulder again. The muscles in his legs tensed with each advance from my two suitors.

Hawke’s hand, that I’d been begging to crawl up my thigh did more than that. It tugged at my flesh, asking me to spread my legs. “Mmm, that way you could suck on my cock while I watch him make you come. I love a woman screaming around my dick.” His fingers tickled the edge of my panties, touching the wet lace. “That turns you on, doesn’t it, doll?”

I suppressed the urge to gasp. I’d been playing my best don’t-give-a-shit loose and fast persona. The truth was, I’d only ever had blond, bland Republican sex in the hopes that someday I’d marry a blond, bland Republican and become a Volvo driving soccer mom.

Marc screwed that up when he decided to fuck Mindy Monahan of the Boston Monahans in the ass, in the bathroom, at our engagement party.

No more good girl for me. I wanted to be a member of the bad girls’ club. Fucking around with these two tasty treats was the best initiation I could think of.

Gray’s arm around my shoulder tightened. “Angel here is a little gem and I want her to have a safe encounter, so condoms and someplace private are the requirements.”

The guys looked at each other and then at Gray.

“We can do that, but if anything feels hinky at any point, we call it off and part ways. Agreed?”

“Absolutely,” I said, and Grayson nodded.

“Good. Our place or yours?” Ian asked.

Gray sat back in the chair and while he was still in protective mode, his body relaxed. “I’ve got a suite at Cruz Towers.”

Hawk whistled. He glanced between me and Gray with a different look in his eye. “Slumming it tonight, are we?”

He had no idea. But neither had I. I didn’t even know Gray had a place in the high-end towers sporting my last name. Weird because he also lived in the carriage house behind my brownstone, and had his own rooms at the house. These guys didn’t know anything about me having a live-in bodyguard or more money than God. They didn’t need to. Not for a one-night stand. Which I hadn’t thought through at all.

I tried to be very nonchalant, shaking my head. “What makes you say that?”

“Only that your boyfriend’s fun shack caters to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. If you two live like that, you’re not hurting for cash.”

Money was not one of my wounds. No need for them to know my family owned the whole building and most of the rest of the block.

I grinned and grabbed Gray’s cheek, giving it a grandma squeeze and jiggle. “Grayson is my sugar daddy, aren’t you, pumpkin? He always takes good care of me.”

“Something like that.” His voice was dark and his eyes followed suit.

Either I’d pissed him off or turned him on. My bet was on the piss. Too bad. I was having fun playing this part. Plus, it distracted me from any apprehensions of sexy times with two men.

Gray stood and offered me his hand. The guys hadn’t even agreed to this plan yet. For that matter, neither had I. That was Gray. Taking charge. Which I liked. A lot. “Shall we?”

“They haven’t even finished their drinks yet,” I said.

“It’s drink more or play. But not both. We want everyone to be safe, sane, and the whole thing to be consensual.”

Both men stood to join Gray like randy teenagers. I didn’t think this would happen quite so fast. Definitely not with two men and for Gray to be involved in any way shape or form. I thought I’d have more time.

But if we were going to Gray’s suite now, my faking it days were over. The second I got undressed, all three men would see me for the inexperienced, chubby girl I’d hidden under expensive clothes, make-up, and bravado.

All my life, I’d been faking it. Maybe it was time I didn’t.

I stood up and took Gray’s hand. “Coming boys? Because I’d like to.”