Rebound:Curvy Seduction Saga – Book One

By: Aidy Award

Looking for a Marc

A glass of red wine might work for an evening out with the girls, but not for tonight. Not right after the night that shall not be named. The worst and best night of my life. The epic dumping.

Who dumped whom was up for debate. I was the one who threw the 15th century blue and white porcelain vase at Marc’s head and kicked him out of the house. Ming schming, the thing was a cliché... and so was a fiancé sleeping with a girl’s best friend.

I was tired of being a cliché. So, tonight was a whisky with a tequila chaser kind of night. A drink alone at the end of the counter in a dark corner of a bar way below my pay grade kinda night. A drunken one-night stand night, if ever there was one.

I yanked on the door handle to get out of the back of the limo only to find it locked. I flicked the switch to unlock and it clicked right back down. Coño.

“Damn it, Grayson. Let me out of the car.” Stupid, sexy bodyguard.

He turned his head to glare at me. “Angel, listen to the words coming out of my mouth. This is a stupid idea. There are better ways to get revenge. I could kill Marc, for example.”

“That’s a sweet offer,” I said, trying to keep the enthusiasm for the idea out of my voice.

Most likely he meant it. He was an ex-super-secret-sneaky-military-man, and I had no doubt he could murder my former fiancé, slowly and painfully, chopping him up into teeny-tiny pieces and then hiding the body where no CSI: New York, Miami, or Cyber would find it.

Maybe next time.

This was my revenge and my plan, and it was going to feel so good. Not only when I saw the look on the asshole’s face the second he found out about my naughty night out, but I intended to have fun during the actual revenge sex part too. “I know what I’m doing, and you agreed to help me. No backing out now.”

He raised one eyebrow by about two degrees. He thought he had such a great poker face. “I agreed to help you have some fun celebrating your freedom from that dickhead.”

“Right, and I can’t think of a better way than to do all the things Marc never wanted to and better yet, with a random rebound guy.”

Random and short-term. That way there was no chance of real rejection from anyone I thought was an important part of my life. Like Gray.

I flicked the switch to unlock the door again. It instantly flipped back down. Sigh. Apparently, my lecture wasn’t over yet.

“Your father will want to kill me.”

I was determined to blithely sit while Gray reproved all the ways going out tonight was a security risk, but that comment was a low blow and he knew it. I glared at Gray hoping he could feel the steel of my daggers of death for even thinking about bringing my family into this. My father and his need to hire a bodyguard for me was and always had been sore point.

You’re vulnerable and naïve, Angelina.

Everyone will take advantage of you and your money, Angelina.

A million trillion kazillion dollars isn’t too much to spend on you for my peace of mind, Angelina.

At least the bodyguard turned out to be Grayson, usually kind, easy-going and he was hot to boot.

But tonight was not about my father or about Gray. It was about revenge and sex.

“If this is about the sex, a one-night stand isn’t—” He knew me too well.

I held up a hand. “It’s not about the sex.”

I didn’t want to talk about my shitty sex life with the man who inspired more than one dark fantasy of mine. If it was just about the sex, I wouldn’t have thrown Marc out. I had already resigned myself to the façade of a happy once-a-month missionary style marriage. Lord knows I wouldn’t have been the only Upper East Side woman grinning and bearing life without orgasms.

If Gray really thought it was as easy as all that, he would have taken me to bed when I threw my drunken self at him that night.

I wasn’t his type. Gray’s women were all exotic beauties with perfect bodies, not a boring, big-bottomed girl trying to be the perfect Susie Socialite.

The extra ten degrees of eyebrow lifting said Gray didn’t believe me.

“Fine.” I swallowed and rolled my eyes at myself for thinking I could get anything past him. “It’s a little bit about the sex.”

His expression changed. He wasn’t smug, but instantly back to bodyguard mode.

“Let me take you somewhere a little more suited to your needs.” With the way his voice dropped, he was either being overprotective and demanding or this somewhere else was a sex club.

Both gave me a tingle low in my belly.

A sex club. With Gray. Only in my dreams. I waved him off.

“Let’s just go in.” Before I lost my nerve altogether.