Pregnant With The De Rossi Heir(42)

By: Maggie Cox

Her expression one of innocence personified, Katherine stared up at Luca as if utterly perplexed as to why he should apparently be so mad at her. ‘You took your time!’ she scolded him. ‘Another minute and I would have jumped in a cab and gone home again!’

Ignoring her completely irrational answer, Luca shook his head and sighed, then sat down beside his wife on the sofa. ‘What is the matter? Are your feet hurting again?’ he demanded, taking one of the aforementioned feet tenderly between his hands. ‘It is your own fault, Katherine! You should be at home, resting, not haring around London like a teenager! You are pregnant, remember?’

‘Are you saying that I’m too old to be haring around?’ she asked sweetly, batting her curling black lashes at him. ‘By the way…did you give my love to dear Hassan before you left?’

‘I did no such thing!’ Luca replied, horrified.

They had been married for a year and a half, but he was still prone to flashes of quick and intense jealousy if Katherine even joked that she found another man remotely attractive—much less told him to pass on her love to one! He knew she did it just to provoke him, and although he was intensely glad to see her now, Luca wished they were at home, so he could quieten her teasing with an afternoon of torrid lovemaking. At least until Orlando woke up from his nap! Perhaps if they hastened home now they could do exactly that?

Anticipation building inside him, Luca sighed. Hassan was perfectly right, of course. Luca was a lucky man. The luckiest man in the world as far as he was concerned! After the pain of his past he could never have imagined a future so bright and so full of love. His feelings were beyond grateful. ‘Katherine?’

‘Yes, Luca?’

‘You are a little minx, but I love and adore you and our son more than I can ever say!’ He stopped rubbing her foot and gave her a quick hard kiss on the lips. As her satisfied sigh feathered over him, Luca grinned. ‘And I love the new baby that is coming too! You have given me more love and happiness than I could ever have dreamed of, my angel!’

The teasing disappeared from Katherine’s beguiling dark eyes, to be replaced by a serious look. He heard a distinct sniff, and his stomach clenched with concern.


‘I’m all right, darling. I’m just feeling a little emotional…especially when you say such lovely things to me! It makes me wonder what I’ve done to deserve all this…you and our beautiful children! I get so scared that it will be taken away from me!’

Glancing back into her lovely face, Luca shook his head. ‘Nothing bad is going to happen to any of us, sweetheart. I promise you that! We made a vow not to dwell on the things in the past that hurt us, remember? Instead we will approach every day we are blessed with in confidence and faith. Look, why don’t I contact Brian and ask him to meet us out front right now? If we leave soon then maybe we can have some time together before Orlando wakes and we are needed.’

‘Shirley is with him, and she won’t mind if we make ourselves scarce for a while. She knows how much I’ve been pining for you!’

Luca’s anticipation at getting his beautiful wife alone, for a couple of hours at least, almost made him groan out loud with imagined pleasure. Standing up, he temporarily crouched to slip the black satin shoe back onto her slender foot, then helped Katherine to her feet.

Slipping a possessive arm around her waist, he

kissed her again on the mouth. ‘I love you, tesoro mio!’ Luca passionately declared out loud, not caring who heard him. And his declaration was silently followed by a wish that every other man and woman present could experience even an ounce of the love he and Katherine felt for each other….

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