Not Just the Greek's Wife(8)

By: Lucy Monroe

Not even a little bit.

She was no slave to her body’s desires, or at least she didn’t think she was, but the reasons for not letting him do this were disappearing in the mist of lust boiling through her.

And in a moment of clarity she realized she wasn’t going to give this moment up. Not for the sake of propriety, or what it might cost her, or anything else. No matter how temporary, whatever came later, or however long this physical connection lasted, she was giving herself up to it for now.

She deserved it.

She might even need it, this chance to say goodbye that she hadn’t given herself the first time around.

She already knew the pain of loss and she was strong enough to withstand it again, but she deserved some pleasure for all her pain.

She wasn’t worried that this would make it harder to get over him, or undo the strides she’d made forward in doing so. Because one thing that had become painfully obvious from the moment she walked into his office and looked him in the eye for the first time since leaving Greece, she was not over this man and there were no strides forward.

There was just learning to live without. Which she had done and could do again, but not right now.

The aftermath would come soon enough.

For once, she was going to take something for herself before worrying about the interests of others. She could still ask Ariston what Rhea needed her to. And he would most likely say no, just as he would have before this amazing kiss, but that was for later.

Right now was for them, well, for her … but he certainly seemed every bit as into it as she was.

With that thought, Chloe let her body relax into his, feeling the evidence of his arousal pressing against her stomach. Oh, yes, he was most definitely enjoying himself, too.

He made a sound of triumph and lifted her, carrying her to the couch without ever once breaking the all-consuming kiss. He laid her down, but pulled away.

“No.” She reached for him; she knew he wanted it, too.

His eyes burned with a passion she’d become very familiar with during their short marriage. “I must lock the door. It would not do to shock Jean’s sensibilities.”

It was so like something he’d said once before when they’d made love … had sex … in this very office during their marriage. Chloe was overwhelmed by a sense of déjà vu and couldn’t respond.

He didn’t wait for her to anyway, but moved quickly to the door. The sound of the lock clicking into place was loud in the cavernous office, silent but for their excited breaths.

He had already removed his tie and was working on his shirt buttons by the time he came back to her and Chloe’s breath stalled only to start again with a quick pant. “I’d forgotten how efficient you can be.”

“Did you really?” he asked, sounding like he didn’t believe it at all.

“Maybe not.” Honesty compelled her to admit, “You’re not very forgettable.”

“Nor, yineka mou, are you.”

He’d used to call her that all the time. It could mean “my woman,” or “my wife,” depending on the intent. Neither fit any longer, but she wasn’t going to argue about him getting possessive during sex.

She liked it too much. Besides, he’d told her she was hard to forget, too.

She didn’t mind hearing that at all.

He finished undressing without an ounce of false modesty, his eyes caressing her with a heated stare the whole time. He didn’t suggest she do likewise and she wasn’t surprised, or worried.

Apparently he still liked the idea of undressing her as much as he used to.

So she lay there, getting her own Greek tycoon striptease and enjoying every second of it. Even if it was done with moves more efficient than overtly sexual, her excitement escalated to near unbearable levels.

Her body vibrated with the need to have him inside her, her nipples ached to have his lips on them, her core convulsing involuntarily as if in memory of what it felt like to be joined.

She loved him. She’d never been able to stop. But right now? She just wanted him.

“You look very pleased with yourself.” He didn’t quite smile, but he didn’t seem to mind either.

She shrugged. “Pleased with what I see, more like. You keep your body in amazing shape, Ariston.”

He had changed in this one way. He’d been gorgeously muscular before, but now his body was hard all over and while he didn’t look like some kind of muscle bound Hulk, he clearly took his regime more seriously these days.

“I work out every day. Cardio in the morning, weights at night.”

“That’s pretty dedicated.” He’d used to only work out once a day, five days a week.

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