My Best Friend's Brother(82)

By: Amy Brent

“There isn’t a word in any language spoken on this earth that encompasses how happy I am with you,” I said.

The smile that bloomed across his cheeks was one I would remember for the rest of my life.

“Now, if you don’t mind, I’m extremely hungry,” I said.

“Just make sure you save room for dessert,” he said, winking.

“Oh, Mason. You should know me by now,” I said as my hand reached down and cupped his sopping wet cock.

“I always have room for dessert.”

The groan that left his lips was nothing short of salacious, and my touch would leave a memory for him that would follow him all through dinner. We pieced ourselves back together and went to sit down, savoring the food we once had during that infamous day when the world found out about us.

They knew we loved one another before even we did, and as we shared in the joy of our next step with everyone we loved, I thought about how things always come full circle.

His mother laughing at his side. Emma giggling at mine. Our friends and family members enjoying the best French food in Dallas while we celebrated a future we had yet to carve out for ourselves. I took the hand of the woman who was going to be my new co-host and the hand of the man I’d pledged myself to, and I brought them both to my lips for a kiss.

A kiss that conveyed more thanks and more love than I could’ve ever spoken to them.

I finally had the family I’d always wanted, and somehow, I knew things were going to be all right.

The End