King's Unknown Black Baby Daughter(9)

By: Ciara Cole

As an extreme sports enthusiast, he’d honed his acrobatic skills from years of cliff diving and could leap off a height of over eighty feet, and had enjoyed the activity in a wide variety of places around the world. He was fond of pushing the envelope but never took excessive risk, mindful of his status as the crown prince of Spain.

The variety of lagoons, castles, and bridges alongside the cinematic coastline made that spot his favorite to cliff jump in the whole of his home country. Never had he dreamed that after taking what had felt like the most epic dive of his own, he would look up from the water and see a sight more enchanting than all the natural beauty surrounding him.

The colorful cliffs made a picturesque backdrop for the feminine figure hovering at the top of one of the lower rocks. She’d landed not too far from him, and why he hadn’t withdrawn right then and there was beyond him. But he supposed he’d had to make sure she was okay, for curiosity’s sake. Matias had lifted her up from the depths before she could sink too far beneath the surface. Once he’d had her in a safe spot, he’d taken a good look at her and been transfixed.

He’d felt an insistent stirring in his swim trunks he’d chosen to ignore. Shimmering in her dark, melting brown gaze, he’d found a cocktail of beauty, arousal, and nervousness…added with a twist of burning interest that was intoxicating. He had been reluctant to pull away, and yet…

His mind had told him he didn’t want to get mixed up with a woman one bit. There was no huge reason why he hadn’t wanted to be attracted to the chocolate goddess seemingly dropped right into his grasp. He hadn’t needed complications of the heart right then. Matias had had fleshly appetites like any other male in his twenty-first year. But as heir to the throne, he’d learned to pick his liaisons prudently, never erratically or out of the blue.

Was he cynical? Maybe. He had grown up around handlers, maids, butlers, and other royalty enough to understand you were hardly ever liked for who you were. They never really cared enough to find out about the real you.

For that one glorious fortnight of the summer, Matias had had a taste of what it was to truly make a friend. With Viv he’d been able to be himself and not worry if she was into him because he was a prince.

Seeing her again after all this time brought to bear the one fact he hadn’t wanted to admit, even to his innermost self.

He’d missed her.

He was hit with the most vivid memory of her rolling on top of him each morning. She’d felt so good, wrapped around him like a koala. Matias had loved sleeping with her, where once he couldn’t stand sleeping beside anyone. Back then he hadn’t been sure if it was right for him to feel like that with her. How could he be so comfortable with a woman? He could snuggle and pet her, and she could do the same. Bedding a woman had always been about just the physical, nothing to do with sentimentality or intimacy. Yet with Viv, he had begun to wonder if she wanted him like he wanted her. Had wanted more from her. It had been greedy of him, but that was how he had felt.

Until that morning he’d left her sleeping and went to get groceries, only for him to return and find her written note saying goodbye. She’d been gone.

Staring at Viv from just yards away in the crowded hall, Matias realized he hadn’t been ready to let her go. There had been other women since then, but his every fiber still craved her touch. The breathy sound of her voice when they were in the throes of passion had haunted his dreams. Their chemistry together had been great, and they had definitely enjoyed each other’s company. What would it take to get another chance with her?

Seeing the way other men in the room gave her admiring looks set his teeth on edge. He didn’t want anyone else to have her. He wanted Viv in more ways than he ever had before.

Bad as he knew he was for her, Matias knew one other thing for sure—she was trouble.


Viv did everything she could to focus on keeping herself together as she made her rounds at the gala. Inside, she was angry, sad, conflicted…she didn’t even know what to feel after being made aware of the presence of the one man she’d never expected to see again.

No, I will not do this. It wasn’t her place to be upset. Finding out Matias was a royal and had kept her in the dark when they were together was no cause to feel betrayed. Viv debated with herself in the moment until she felt someone brush up against her.


Beautiful. Viv felt her skin flush at the endearment. He had frequently called her that during the times they’d made love. Therefore she couldn’t help but blush—because that one word, in that voice, created a nerve-wracking sensation, almost her undoing in front of all these dignified guests.