King's Unknown Black Baby Daughter(6)

By: Ciara Cole

Little could he have imagined on touchdown in New York that this particular tour would prove to be colossally different from his wildest expectations.


Ten years ago…

Closing her eyes, Viv mentally prepared herself.

Then came that husky voice in her ear. Absolutely sinful, deep and warm. “You can do it, belleza. Just count to three and jump.”

A gust of wind rushed over Viv’s whole frame, but it was the closeness of the virile body behind her that made her nipples harden and goose bumps break over her skin.

Viv took a few steps forward and peered over the edge. It was the highest she’d ever attempted before. “It’s impossible,” she whispered half to herself.

“Wrong.” Matias came up close, burying his nose deep in her hair as his warm, naked chest pressed against her back. “Imposible no es hecho. Impossible is not a fact.”

Viv moaned. She tried not to, but she couldn’t hold back, the sound of Matias speaking his native tongue always making her wet. That and his body heat, his hot lips against her skin.

“Then what is it?” she whispered.

“Es un reto. It’s a challenge,” he went on. “Imposible es un potential. Imposible…es temporal.”

Impossible is temporary. Yes. Snapping her eyes open, Viv realized Matias stood in front of her now. She searched his features, seeking anything to make her feel any uncertainty or reservations, but found nothing, his dark, smoky gaze trained on her.

He smiled then, just a slight tilt of his full lips, but it was there. The utter sexiness of it set her cheeks aflame, her nipples throbbing hard against the fabric of her bikini so that every breath sent a jolt of lightning through her veins. Boldly, she let her eyes explore his body. The groove between his impressive pecs, the dip of his abs, the smooth looking olive of his skin. He was beautiful.

“Keep looking at me like that, Genevieve, and I’ll take you here on the cliff top.”

Viv shuddered at his words.

“The thought of me taking you here turns you on, doesn’t it? I can almost catch the scent of your desire in the air,” he asked, his lips dipping to tease her own. “Don’t deny it.”

Viv wasn’t planning to. Just imagining him taking her there in the open did dangerously lewd things to her body.

Not that it was anything new to them. The first time they’d become lovers had been on a secluded beach beneath the moonlight. His lovemaking had been as fierce and dominant as his personality portrayed. Viv had never imagined she would lose her virginity like that, with him.

“You read me too well,” she finally confessed, biting her bottom lip, which had Matias groaning. Leaning forward, he kissed her softly, lips prying hers open with teasing strokes of his tongue that had her wanting more. She wanted to devour him, imbibe him. His taste, Jesus, his taste—she could kiss him forever and never grow weary. He drew up her hands to rest on his broad shoulders before he pulled her closer to him.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” he said, breaking the kiss and studying her, a smirk playing on his handsome face as he watched the flush of arousal chase over her cheeks. He buried his face in her neck and inhaled. “Your scent is so fucking sweet. So addictive.”

His hands on her hips kept her pinned to him, and she could feel his hard length pressed against her thigh. Her body was heating up in response to everything he did. Viv wanted nothing more than to feel him inside her again. Her hunger for him seemed to grow every hour they spent together. This need for him scared her. No one had ever made her feel like this, never made her need them the way he did. “Matias…”

“I want you too,” he purred against her throat, unerringly reading her thoughts. “I want to feel your tightness around me, milking me while I thrust inside you. Feel your body respond to mine, knowing I’m the only one to do this to you, to have you like this.”

“Please,” she whispered against his lips. He nuzzled her neck as his burgeoning arousal surged against her core.

“Tan precioso,” he rasped, staring deeply into her eyes. So precious.

“You are what my darkest fantasies are made from,” he continued on a growl. “I admit, I’m attracted by your intelligence, your body and beauty; you have the sweetest smile. And yet it’s your courage that truly thrills me.”

At her quizzical expression, he smiled. “I watched you jump that first time, and sensed you had never tried to cliff dive before. I looked up and saw this beautiful, brave girl, her limits evaporating, her comfort zone expanding. I don’t want you to ever lose that.”