King's Unknown Black Baby Daughter(50)

By: Ciara Cole

“Yes, I do love a glass of Bual. But not tonight—and not for the next ten months or so.”

At her words, Matias slowly pulled back a little so he could look into her face. It took a few more moments before it finally clicked. “You’re pregnant?”

Viv nodded happily. “I found out for certain this morning. Something deep inside is telling me it’s a boy—so you better start thinking about potential Spanish male names,” she joked.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled, no matter whether it’s a boy or a second girl.” Matias smiled and gazed down at Viv with the same look on his face that she had. The face that told everyone that they were in love.

They both chuckled softly and pressed their lips together. Sharing a loving kiss, they relished the new chapter waiting over the horizon for them. Their real-life fairytale did have a perfect ending after all.