King's Unknown Black Baby Daughter(4)

By: Ciara Cole

Viv tapped her chin for some moments as she went over the possibility of that ever happening, but then shook her head. “Since that isn’t likely to ever happen, I can’t imagine what I’d do. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, just a thought that came to me while drooling over this Spanish king who’s a total royal hottie,” Chelsea murmured, staring down at the morning paper she was reading. “He’s young, sexy, and he’s coming to the Big Apple. I can’t help but think how much I would like to eat up his apple—if you get my drift.”

Viv burst out a laugh at Chelsea’s forever-dirty mind, but when she leaned over to view the picture of the man in question, Viv felt her heart jump into her throat.

It was him…Matias.

Secret baby daddy to her nine-year-old daughter Charlotte. And he was the freaking king of Spain.

What the hell? Viv had no freaking idea he was royalty! Holy shit! How could he be king of a whole country?

“Maybe you’re just old school when it comes to finding love,” Chelsea put in, oblivious to Viv’s internal panic. “Not that I blame you. I even tried that online dating shit for a month and had the worst luck in the world.”

Viv was glad the topic had strayed from the newspaper article about Matias. She was still trying to wrap her head around the news while making sure she wasn’t seeing things. None of this could possibly be real…could it? With difficulty, she forced a smile at Chelsea’s humorous words. “How so?”

“The only men I seemed to attract were rich, old-ass white men. No thanks. I’m not going to be some weird white man’s little black girl fetish.”

Despite her inner turmoil, Viv laughed. Chelsea was the most non-prejudiced soul, with no offense meant on her part. Both women shared the viewpoint that beyond the color of skin, one needed only to look at a person’s outstanding principles, family values, and fundamental belief in their culture, nothing more.

“You just have to give it time,” Viv offered.

“I’ll tell myself that when next I get a freaky-ass email from some fifty-something, newly divorced, rich socialite,” Chelsea drawled before tapping the photo of the Spanish king. “Now, someone like this Latin-American lump of goodness seems like he would like a cool chica like me. It’s just too bad that I can’t have a long line of sexy Javier Bardem lookalikes queuing up to sweep me off my feet—no matter how hard I wish it.”

“A most unrealistic expectation if I ever heard one,” Viv mumbled with a half-smile.

“You were in Spain once, weren’t you?” Chelsea suddenly asked curiously. “Wasn’t that before Charlotte was born?”

Viv fidgeted in her seat. “Yes, it was a long time ago. In fact, it was that trip that got me interested in adventure travel and starting a tour company. Ah, our food is here,” Viv said with more enthusiasm than normal. She was desperate to change the subject as well as buy herself enough time to recover. Matias had a hidden identity all along. How could she never have realized it?

She couldn’t believe this was happening, but then again, she should have known something was wrong. The whole way they’d parted had been iffy, but she had simply not wanted to overanalyze and hurt herself further. Her hot Latin lover and baby daddy also doubled as royalty and in fact was the reigning King of Spain? Viv felt her body tingle with shock and possibly an anxiety attack.

Ten years ago, Viv had been a normal girl with a normal life with its ups and downs. That had all changed when she’d fallen pregnant after her two-week romance. And the cherry on top? He’d given her only one name before disappearing.

The name? Matias.

Opting not to give any details of her baby father, Viv had been forced to bear being stereotyped by outsiders. Only her mother Selena knew he was of Spanish origins, and with the help of Selena, Viv had raised her daughter alone—without a father.

Now that Matias had reappeared out of the blue, was it possible to bring to light everything she had been desperately hoping to hide?

Chapter Two

King Matias of Spain boarded the waiting aircraft, part of the VIP military fleet meant for his use whenever he traveled. He was departing Madrid for the States on a one-month visit for official purposes—though he planned on having some much-needed downtime while he was there.

Seated within the hotel-like interior of the aircraft with its intricately designed compartments, Matias was too distracted to even notice when they finally took off. His mind was preoccupied with the conversation he’d had with his mother that morning before he’d left.