King's Unknown Black Baby Daughter(2)

By: Ciara Cole

Was this what they meant by sparks flying? All at once, Viv could feel it. The whoosh of awareness striking her brain and nerve endings…every hair follicle in her pores standing up, mercury running through her veins. Those lips of his looked perfect for kissing. They certainly looked like they were made especially to fit hers. He gave an unreadable expression, yet Viv wanted to believe he seemed to be warning her with his eyes. His gaze didn’t feel cold, it burned her.

At age nineteen, Viv had never been in a relationship. The concept of love, desire, or passion was alien to her. Her parents’ recent separation had caused Viv to shed any aura of naiveté that had protected her during childhood.

Family was supposed to stick together till the end. But all the years of her parents yelling at each other, and her father not coming home sometimes, had finally reached closure. The “rough patch” they’d been going through as a family for all this time had turned out to be a problem they couldn’t get through together.

Viv had always believed a couple who’d sworn to love each other forever should keep trying no matter what. Nothing but lies.

Only a few moments of drifting into her morose thoughts had Viv shaking her head profusely to clear her mind. It was then she noticed the handsome stranger was already moving off away from her.

“Thanks!” she blurted, not sure what else to say but reluctant to see him go.

Gosh, she felt so pathetic, like being thrown off by meeting a superhero. No, he looked more like a knight in shining armor. One who just saved you and then went off into thin air without so much as asking for your name. He looks like sex on legs, but don’t get caught up, girl.

He turned those deep mahogany eyes to hers, hitching her short breath in her chest. She felt hypnotized, entranced. It was as if his eyes held her balanced on water. Good grief, but God had really thought out every little detail when making this man.

Then he gave a quizzical smile. “For what?”

“I don’t know,” Viv said wryly, trying not to stare too longingly at the droplets of water trailing along his throat before splitting in an upturned “Y” from his clavicle to the middle of his lickable pecs. “Just wanted to make sure you didn’t think I was trying to kill myself or anything.”

Could it be her imagination, or did he huff? “Of course not,” he said patiently. “You picked a small cliff jump. If you wanted to really be in trouble, you’d have cliff jumped off the taller, expert dive spots.”

Viv squirmed in the water, which felt cold despite being in the summer months. She wondered if he’d seen her jump, and her cheeks stung in embarrassment. “It was nerve-wracking,” she confessed. “But I liked it. It’s great to find there’s a height for every kind of jumper.”

Why was she still talking? Viv had no clue why she was trying to make conversation with this man when he clearly wanted to just leave. He seemed young, maybe a few years older than her, yet there was such a manly authority about him that intrigued her. Viv had heard this was a hot spot for the young locals, yet she’d never imagined meeting one so utterly good looking. He was dark, handsome, and addicting to look at, but she couldn’t keep looking too long or she’d seem like a besotted goofball.

“It’s indeed a scenic escape,” he said agreeably, “for when I wish to enjoy some solitude while cliff diving within this mountain that’s like no place on earth.”

At the word “solitude,” Viv decided she was better off taking the hint and stop bothering the guy. The fact they’d crossed paths in this quiet nook was no cause to impose herself on him. “I won’t hold you back then. Nice to meet you.”

She looked down as he began to swim away, berating herself. Genevieve Hopeton, nineteen years old, still a virgin, single, and never really been kissed. To top it off, she had absolutely no clue how to talk to guys. She’d come on holiday to try and grow as a person, learn about the world, make mistakes. Nothing exciting had ever happened to her before. Why had she thought that meeting a handsome stranger meant her luck was about to change?

“Shit,” she said under her breath, about to turn around and make her way to the shore. Then she heard him.

“I planned on finishing off with some cave swimming,” he called out. “You want to join me?”

Viv raised her eyes. She met his gaze, and for what seemed like a solid minute, neither of them broke the stare. It felt like his eyes were swimming in hers, so deep and spine-chilling at the same time. At that moment she couldn’t be happier and had to keep her composure a little. Can’t be looking crazy right now.