How (Not) To Be Seduced By Billionaires (Books 1-3)(5)

By: Marian Tee

Constantijin only grinned at the look I gave him, throwing up his hands in the air as the door slammed shut behind Bottle Blonde’s exaggeratedly swaying hips. “I mean no harm, Ms. Everleigh,” he said with exaggerated wide-eyed innocence.

It took everything in me not to smile back and keep frowning, even though he looked even more irresistible when he was so obviously flirting – with me. The thought was such a huge turn-on I didn’t know what to do with my body anymore. Should I throw myself at him? Should I run out of the room and never look back? My virginity was under threat, after all.

“I look forward to interviewing you later.” The way he said the words made it obvious he had something entirely different in mind.

I physically tried planting the slim heels of my shoes into the ground, knowing if I didn’t, my body would automatically lean toward him, an instinctive response to the seductive spell he was so expertly weaving around me.

Looking at his proffered hand suspiciously, I slowly took it for a shake.

And not a second later, I knew I was right to distrust him. Constantijin’s hand immediately locked around mine and used it to haul me towards him. I stumbled onto him, and the tips of my nipples brushed against his chest.

Constantijin inhaled sharply. “You are so fucking sexy.”

I tried to struggle out of his hold. “Please stop this,” I managed to say. “I’m not interested.”

One hand still imprisoning mine, he used his other hand to cup my chin and make me look up.

His smile was breathtaking, and it made my nipples harden even more. “Of course you are,” he whispered.

He had already released me by the time I managed to get all my wits back. Constantijin was opening the door, his tone business-like and perfectly at odds with the sensual heat in his gaze. “Till later, Ms. Everleigh.”

When the door closed behind me and a voice on the PA system announced the name of the first interviewee, I practically ran to the restroom so I could call Alyx privately.

“You won’t believe what just happened,” I half-shrieked when she answered.

Alyx answered promptly, “You were fired,” and made some weird guzzling sound afterwards. She was thirty floors down, bribed into waiting for me with a drink-all-you-can treat at Starbucks. Daria – our other best friend and who completed our decades-old-threesome – would have been with her, too, if she wasn’t currently sailing the Mediterranean on her honeymoon with her Greek tycoon.

I glared at my iPhone, wishing I had just FaceTimed Alyx so she would see exactly what I thought of her verbal show of support.

“Very funny.” Not waiting for her to answer back since Alyx was unbeatable when it came to smartass comebacks, I said right after, “Constantijin Kastein is flirting with me.”

I waited for her reaction with a madly beating heart. Alyx was a journalist and she knew everything about anyone who mattered. One look at Constantijin and you knew he absolutely mattered, more so than a billion people’s lives probably.

Alyx didn’t disappoint, and when she actually stopped slurping down her frappe to exclaim, ‘Whoa’, the pace of my heartbeat shot up dramatically.

“Constantijin Kastein – the VP of your company? The guy BBC dubbed as the King of European Media and Netherland’s #1 playboy? The one Hello magazine had on its cover last month and a spread of his twenty-three properties all over the world and his forty-something collection of sports cars and classics? That Constantijin you mean?”

Of all the things she said, just one thing stood uppermost in my mind. He was the #1 playboy in his whole country? No wonder my nipples were still hard as pebbles. How many women did he have to bed to get that kind of title? The thought of that beautiful body next to another woman’s created a twinge of pain in my heart, but I told myself it was out of disgust. I was looking for true love, not sex. I had to remember that.

“Yes,” I finally said glumly. “That’s the one.”

“Why do you sound sad?” Alyx demanded. “Isn’t that a good thing? It would mean that he’s dynamite in bed!”

I couldn’t help giggling, but only because Alyx talked as if she had oodles of experience when I knew she was as much a virgin as I was. “Like you’d know.”

“I watch porn. You don’t.”

“I’m blushing for you,” I said, and it was true.

“Look, Yanna. You know I don’t believe in your true love nonsense. If Constantijin Kastein wants you, I say go for it. You can’t ask for a more perfect guy to deflower you---”

“Alyx!” I couldn’t believe what she was saying.