Hot, Wild & Crazy:Loving in Silver 8(9)

By: Lynn Stark

“It was a lot of fun,” he told her, leaning a little closer. Max was afraid he would topple over on her, falling face first into the deep cleavage he was openly admiring. “I hope we can go out on that date soon.”

Sean nodded, crowding in on her from the other side. “Yeah, we’ll show you a good time.”

As Max winced, Maggie threw back her head and laughed. “A movie would be nice. We’ll talk about it tomorrow, okay?”

After dealing with three three-year-olds, she obviously knew how to handle three horny dumbasses.

It wasn’t their finest hour. What it was, however, was an embarrassing, inglorious moment. Would Maggie even bother to answer the phone when they called? Would she show up the next day?

Emily obviously had no patience for romance or bad comedy. “Mama, we have to go shopping now.”

Relieved, Max walked quickly to the driver’s door and opened it. “We’ll see you tomorrow morning. We’ll make arrangements then for the ponies to be delivered and when might be a good time for that date.”

After a nod and a smile, Maggie drove away. All three kids were waving to them. He smiled and waved. Then Max turned to scowl at his two partners. “Are you kidding me? Thank God there were children around. Otherwise I suspect you two would have been all over her.”

“What?” Ethan demanded, wide-eyed. Of the three of them, he seemed the most innocent, the one who still looked at the world with wonder and expectation. The man, however, was a beast in bed. Sex was never far from his mind. “I was just being friendly.”

“Yeah, Max, we were just being friendly,” Sean protested, frowning as he stood there with his hands on his hips.

“With your face between her tits? That’s not being friendly, that’s being a horny jerk.”

Ethan made some wild gesture with his hands. “But she’s just so fucking gorgeous! And she smells good, too, like raspberries.”

“She’s a hundred times more beautiful than she was back in high school. Do you really think she’s going to go out with us?”

Max nodded. “She said she would. I don’t think she’s a tease. So, we all have to work on not screwing this up and turning her off. No more leering, drooling, or sniffing.”

Sean laughed and slapped him on the back. “That’s good coming from you. I saw you leaning over to sniff her hair.” He moved in front of Max, his arms sliding around his waist. The man’s closeness never failed to affect him. It had been like that since they were teenagers. It was the same with Ethan, the sexy twerp. They were hot, sexy, and he loved them both more than anything. “You know what you can do to get my mind off Maggie.”

Max tucked his thumbs into Sean’s leather belt. He gave a hard tug, bringing their groins in close contact. “And what would that be?”

“A blow job.”

“That would do it, huh?” Ethan pressed in close, sliding a hand down over Max’s ass. His cock, which was still half hard from Maggie’s closeness, finished filling until it was pressed against his zipper. “I say we take this indoors before Dad turns the hose on us.”

It had happened before and it would probably happen again.

They began to head for their house just as his father opened the back door of the family home to yell at them. Laughing, they took off at a run, leaping over the three steps to their porch, their boots pounding over the wooden floor. The screen door slammed behind them. They laughed again as they tossed their hats onto the couch and bent to begin yanking off their boots, dropping them so that they thudded on the wooden floor.

Reaching their bedroom they stripped off their clothes and headed for the shower. Ethan reached it first. Since they had the entire house wired for sound, he won choice of music. Max and Sean groaned, even as their lover laughed rather maniacally. Ethan loved techno and didn’t mind torturing them with the futuristic-sounding music.

Pushing him under the stream of water, Max grabbed the soap and began rubbing the bar over the muscular shoulders and back. White foam slid down Ethan’s body. Max grinned as the man started moaning. Ethan was very expressive. Luckily their house was a ways from the others, because the man could get very noisy. Sean stepped into the shower and behind Ethan. Max handed Sean the soap. They had him right where they wanted him and right where he wanted to be. The hands that gripped his waist and pulled him close told Max that Ethan believed he was clean enough. If that wasn’t enough of a hint, the cock pushing against his balls was a sure sign. Max’s own cock was riding up between their stomachs, pre-cum leaking and being washed away by the water beating down on their bodies.