Hot, Wild & Crazy:Loving in Silver 8(70)

By: Lynn Stark

Once they were finished they went into the family room to read the newspaper together. She looked around the room as she snuggled in between Sean and Ethan on the overstuffed couch. There was a lot of her grandfather’s style in the room. The colorful glass windows were set into the wall so that the morning sun came through them. The weathered blue door was on the ceiling, above the stairs which led to nowhere. The mosaic waterfall had been taken from the old bathroom and was now against the wall near the fireplace. She liked looking at the things her grandfather had made with such whimsy and love. She hoped that she could bring the same kind of love to her own family’s lives.

“We should go play in the snow later,” Ethan said as he looked out at the new snow through the French doors.

Maggie shivered. “You go play in it. I’ll watch from here.”

“This is our honeymoon. We’re staying in for hot, crazy, wild sex,” Sean told him.

“And breaks,” Max added. “We need lots of breaks. But none of it includes additional time freezing my ass off in snow.”

Ethan pouted, but went back to reading the paper without further comment. Two hours later Maggie was wearing her best winter clothing and was being towed outside by Ethan. They played for about a half hour, until her face felt as if it was about to freeze.

Hot chocolate was waiting for her. Max took her winter gear and Sean wrapped her in a blanket. Then she was settled in front of the fire with the hot chocolate and her e-book. Yeah, she had the right guys. They were perfect.

They took their places around her and turned on the TV. Football. Maggie shook her head. Okay, they weren’t perfect. Still, she couldn’t envision a life without them.

The phone rang and Sean answered it. A moment later he was handing it to her.


“Hi, Mama. This is Emily.”

“Hi. What’s up, kiddo?”

“I wanted to know if you and my daddies made my baby sister yet.”

Maggie laughed when she heard Brant and Samuel trying to yell into the phone. She held the phone away. They were doing a pretty good job of trying to deafen her. “No more sisters! We want a baby brother! Girls are dumb!”

She waited until the squabble subsided, before speaking again. Then the men began shouting at the TV, when a play went wrong.

Her life was perfect. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well, maybe a little more quiet, would be nice, Maggie thought with a smile.

“Tell me, what have you, your brothers, and your grandparents been up to?”