Hot, Wild & Crazy:Loving in Silver 8(7)

By: Lynn Stark

Sean cleared his throat. All eyes went to him. “Well, we wanted it to look like you were looking through a window and seeing the incredible scenery outside.”

Maggie looked at him for a moment. Then she looked back at the wall. The space was about six feet by eighteen feet. “It’s too bad there’s a building next door, or you could have your great view,” she said, turning with a grin. “I can do what you want. When are you opening?”

“Next Friday.”

“Okay. Three ponies, one cart, and tack. Oh, I’ll need a month’s worth of feed, hay, and bedding. And you’ll deliver all of that, right?”

Ethan laughed. “We’ll deliver it with a smile. When do you want to bring the kids over to pick their ponies out?”

“How’s this afternoon? They actually asked me again this morning when we were getting them. Now that I have the paddock finished, they’ve been getting impatient.”

“A paddock is always better when it has something in it,” Max told her, smiling. “Your kids are going to love them.”

“This afternoon is good for us,” Sean said, moving closer. “Would you consider going out with us sometime?”

Maggie blinked twice as she stared at Sean. The corner of Max’s mouth twitched. It was obvious that the question had caught her off guard. A blush rose in her cheeks. Her fair skin failed to hide it. He still liked the freckles. He wondered if she had them on her breasts. As he did so his cock began thickening behind his zipper. He hoped the fuck she didn’t notice and felt the heat rise in his own face. She turned her head to look at Ethan and then at Max. He gave her what he hoped was an encouraging smile.

“Are you in pain?” she asked, her eyebrows going up.

She had nice eyebrows. They were arched and delicate. She didn’t shave them off, as his grandmother and aunts did, only to draw them back on.

Max laughed and shook his head. “I was hoping it would give you some encouragement. It obviously didn’t convey that.”

Maggie’s mouth twitched and she tossed that heavy mane of hair back again. His fingers itched again to tangle in it…as he fucked her hard and fast from behind. Max felt his cock stirring again. She would be sucking Sean’s cock. Ethan was stroking himself off beside them, ready to spray his cum over her body.

“Yeah, I’ll go out with you sometime. Just let me know when.”

Just like that, they had the promise of a date. The blood began flowing a little faster in Max’s veins. They followed her to the door. Sean opened it for her.

“I’ll bring the kids out to your place this afternoon. Four o’clock okay?”

“Perfect. We’ll be there,” Sean told her.

They followed Maggie outside. She paused on the sidewalk and turned back to them. “Just so you know. There’s no sex on the first date. Probably not on the second one, either. And if we make it through a third, I’ll consider it.”

Maggie walked away. They were speechless. Not necessarily because of what she had said, but because of the way her heart-shaped ass swayed, her jeans enhancing every lush curve.

“Fuck, if that isn’t the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen.”


“I wonder if she has freckles on it.” Max realized he was becoming obsessed by Maggie’s freckles. They were cute. They were sexy. And he wanted to kiss each and every one of them. “I guess we won’t be finding out until the third date.”

“Guys, we can’t screw this up. We need to go over the dos and don’ts.”

“No farting or belching,” Ethan told them with his special kind of wisdom. “No scratching body parts, either.”

Sean laughed and slapped him on the back. “That’s a given. Women don’t necessarily appreciate the bodily arts. Now, let’s go see if there’s anything needed to be done before we leave. We’ll stock the shelves tomorrow.”

They had a truckload of supplies coming in. They had spent the day cleaning everything from the storage room out. There wasn’t a speck of dirt to be found anywhere. The kitchen was as clean as it could be. They would get the place stocked with the help of their new manager and employees. It was a good way for everyone to begin learning where things were before opening day. They would also go over what was planned for that day, which was essentially a block party with the town invited.

After locking up they headed for their truck. They had to get to the ranch to get the ponies ready for inspection. It took forty-five minutes to get to the ranch owned by Max’s parents. He, Sean, and Ethan lived in one of the houses built on the property to accommodate married children and their families. Some of his brothers and sisters worked on the ranch, others had jobs off of it.