Hot, Wild & Crazy:Loving in Silver 8(5)

By: Lynn Stark

Maggie’s eyes shot open as she was jolted abruptly out of her fantasy. A small fist pounded on the door. “Mama, I have to pee.”

Taking a deep, shuddering breath, Maggie rose from the tub and stepped out, grabbing a bright pink towel as she did so. Emily had chosen the color of the towels the last time. Pink was an improvement over the dull orange-brown Samuel had chosen previously.

“Okay, just give Mama a moment to get her robe on.” She tossed the damp towel into the hamper before reaching for her robe. She pulled it on and went to open the door. Emily dashed past her. Samuel and Brant were also in line. “Be sure to wash your hands when you’re done. And give your sister a moment before you start pounding on the door.”

Maggie went across the hall to her room. Though it was the largest, it was still small. The closets were inadequate and she had the space for only a double bed and one dresser. Sometimes she thought it was rather like living out of a suitcase. She had her clothes stashed in any number of places throughout the house.

Though she had just used a large chunk of her savings to provide herself with transportation without having to wait on insurance companies and irresponsible drivers, she knew she had to get the addition started. Since it was spring, with luck it would be finished before the first snowfall. She would call the construction company in the morning. An architect already had her design and had drawn up the blueprints.

With her pajamas on, and her hair brushed, Maggie went to check on her children. It didn’t surprise her that they were in the living room and just about to turn on the TV. “Oh, no you don’t. Back to bed with you. It’s sleeping time.”

She checked the lock on the front door, turned out the lights, and followed them back down the hall. There was the usual whining and cajoling, but she ignored it as they climbed into their beds. She tucked Samuel and Brant in, hugging and kissing each, before going into Emily’s room and repeating the process.

Two minutes later she was turning out the light and getting into her own bed. She pulled the blankets over her body with a sigh and closed her eyes.

Maggie chuckled as she thought of her lost fantasy. She couldn’t even get imaginary romance and hot sex with three toddlers around.

She was going to have to work on that.

Chapter Two

Max stood beside his two partners as they stared at the blank wall at the end of the restaurant they had purchased three months before. They were nearly finished with it. There was new plumbing and wiring throughout. There were new walls, new floors, and new equipment in the kitchen, as well as tables, chairs, and booths. They would hire a manager for the place, as well as servers and cooks. They wouldn’t have much to do with the everyday operation, though they would keep close tabs on how it was being run.

It was an investment and one they hoped would pay off. It might not have been a business many would take on, but with the growing tourist industry in the area, they believed it would pay off. Everyone loved barbeque. The residents of Silver had missed having it, since the previous owner had closed the business after twenty-five years, due to health reasons. They had his sauce recipes and he was willing to oversee the training of the cooks. Their hopes were high for the future of the restaurant.

It might not be an immediate success, but by the time summer was in full swing, and people came to the area for everything from glamping, nature hikes, fishing, and white water rafting, they should get a growing number of customers.

There were already glamping sites on their ranch. Glamping was just a fancy description for structures that were cabin and tent hybrids. People paid good money to stay in them. It was camping without so much of the roughing it part. Those same people often went into town to eat, drink, and go to the movies. It was the winter visitors, however, that they were really counting on. Silver’s population nearly doubled as people arrived for the excellent skiing in the area.

They were putting a lot of faith into the future success of the Silver Pig Bar and Grill.

“I say we hire Maggie to paint a mural. She’s the best artist in town,” Sean suggested. “I swear whatever she paints looks like it’s the real thing. People will think they’re looking out a window and seeing the mountains.”

“Her work won’t be cheap,” Ethan said thoughtfully. “Maybe we could trade something for it.”

“I hear she’s looking for ponies for her kids. We have several she can choose from. And we can throw in the tack for them, too.”

They had done a lot of bartering over the years. Sometimes it was necessary, when money was tight. There was no disgrace in an honest trade of goods or services.