Hot, Wild & Crazy:Loving in Silver 8(4)

By: Lynn Stark

The inside was no less unique and fun. Her grandfather had repurposed many things, had given things like old doors and windows another chance in his house. Nothing matched. There were antique doorknobs on every door, a stamped tin ceiling throughout, and odd geometric cutouts in the walls to let in more light. Her favorite thing was the old wooden door attached to the ceiling. It was painted blue and was mounted above a set of stairs that went nowhere.

Maggie thought the bathroom was the most amazing room. It had a huge porcelain tub placed in front of a glass, mosaic wall. It was lit from behind. The design was Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. There was also a waterfall, and with the flip of a switch water would cascade gently over the pieces of glass her grandfather had meticulously placed to recreate the master’s work. Blue glass tiles covered the other three walls. The sink was made from an old dresser, painted black, with a clear blue glass bowl on top, with a faucet that resembled an old hand pump. Every time she saw it she chuckled, because her grandfather had painstakingly covered it with glass beads.

The toilet was boring and unadorned, but there was a small chandelier hanging above it. Emily said it was a princess potty.

Turning on the lights behind the glass wall and the waterfall, Maggie turned on the water to fill the bathtub. Most days she would just take a shower, which was quite large and hidden behind swinging doors made of rustic planks covered in blue milk paint.

Returning to the kitchen while the tub filled, she poured a glass of wine and got the book she was currently reading off the counter. Within minutes she was sinking gratefully into the water and opening the book, candles flickering along the edges. They were just for her and always kept where her children couldn’t get to them. She read until she lost interest. She didn’t know if it was the wine or the fact that she kept thinking about three hot cowboys.

Dating had taken a backseat to raising her children. Maggie did go out, but only when her friends fixed her up with someone. It wasn’t something high on her to-do list. Sighing, she reached for the soap and began sliding it over her skin. She washed her arms and up behind her neck, and then down over her chest. She took her time as she washed her breasts. They were large, firm, and just a little lower than they had been before children. Overall, they still looked good. Her nipples puckered even more as she circled the soap around them. She moaned as a charge of electric-like sensation shot through each one. Closing her eyes and leaning back, she gave her imagination free rein.

Maggie allowed herself to let Max slide into the tub with her. Oh. She sighed as she felt the man’s body settle behind her, powerful thighs trapping her between. There were parts of his body pressing against her that her imagination hadn’t given enough credit to. The man’s hard cock was pressing against her lower back. Brawny arms reached around her. One slid across her ribs, just below her breasts, plumping them, the water flowing over from the valley between. The other crossed her upper chest, his fingers sliding around her jaw, tipping her head back so he could press a sizzling hot kiss on her aching lips.

Another moan escaped Maggie as Max captured her mouth, his tongue delving deeply within, to tangle and duel until they were both gasping for breath. Feeling the water sloshing against her, she opened her left eye to see Sean easing his huge body into the sunken tub. The water rose higher, but she didn’t give it any thought as slid his hands along her shins to her knees, pressing them apart, leaving her vulnerable and exposed beneath the water’s surface.

Panting now, she leaned her head back against Max’s shoulder when he released her mouth. Her gaze was fixed to Sean’s face. His eyes were as blue as the Montana sky. They were bright and piercing, and gazing at her breasts as if he was utterly fascinated by them.

Maggie was intensely aware of their post-baby size. He caught her hands in his even before she realized she had been about to cover them. Her hands fluttered nervously, but she didn’t try to cover herself again. Instead, she watched as Sean cupped them in his palms, raising them above the surface of the water, and leaned forward to take a berry-sized nipple between his lips.

Fire flashed through her veins as Sean began to suckle one breast while kneading the other with his callused hand. Maggie moaned, her back arching, begging for more. Max nuzzled her neck, his hands stroking her stomach and the inside of her right thigh. The muscles of her pussy clenched and began throbbing, reminding her of how long it had been since she had been with a man, let alone two. Though she had a certain amount of experience with the opposite sex, she had never been with two men. When Ethan appeared at the side of the tub, she thought her heart would stop altogether. Her gaze slid up the length of his body, missing nothing, and certainly not the length of the cock jutting boldly from his groin.