Hot, Wild & Crazy:Loving in Silver 8(13)

By: Lynn Stark

Her children skipped and hopped out to the SUV, as energetic as they had been that morning. It was amazing and she was completely envious. They clambered in when she opened the door, getting into their seats without a fuss. They knew she wouldn’t drive if they weren’t strapped into their car seats and fussing.

Of course Samuel, Brant, and Emily wanted to run out to the barn to see their ponies. Maggie nipped that idea in the bud immediately. If she wasn’t reasonably strict with them, they tended to try to walk all over her. She was definitely outnumbered and they knew it.

After washing up and putting play clothes on, they helped her carry everything they would need to eat out at the picnic table. One carried paper plates, another carried the cups, and the third carried the flatware and napkins. Maggie carried the bags of food and a pitcher of lemonade. They were nearly set up when a huge pick-up truck pulled in. There were squeals of delight when the three men got out. Her children went to greet them, bouncing up and down and chattering away. All three men, having grown up in large families, were used to children. It was another thing in their favor. Coping with kids wouldn’t necessarily be a problem for any of them.

Each man bent to kiss her on the cheek as they reached her. Three pairs of eyes watched with fascination and she could feel herself blush under her children’s scrutiny.

“You kissed our mama,” Samuel said, frowning, sounding slightly disapproving.

“You didn’t kiss me,” Emily said with a pout, folding her arms across her chest.

“Do you like to kiss girls?” Brant asked curiously, though with something of a sour expression on his face.

Maggie didn’t know whether to laugh or lock them up in the house until the men were gone. She could see many embarrassing moments in her future. It was inevitable.

“It’s time for supper. Mr. Ethan, Mr. Sean, and Mr. Max will be sharing it with us. Won’t that be nice?” Three heads bobbed vigorously. “They made the food we’ll be eating. It’s from their new restaurant. Now, why don’t you get in your places and I’ll fill your plates for you.”

Two ribs and coleslaw went on each plate. The men filled their own plates almost to overflowing from the bags of food they had brought with them. Once everyone was settled into place they said grace before eating. It wasn’t long before small faces and hands were covered with sauce.

“Did you really make the food?” Emily asked Max, seeming amazed.

“Yes, I did. But Sean and Ethan helped.”

Samuel patted his stomach with a messy hand. “Mama’s ribs are blech!” He made a face. “She can’t cook ribs.”

Maggie blushed but nodded. “What he says is true. I can’t get the sauce right.”

“Mama makes good pudding and pancakes,” Brant said, defending his mother’s abilities in the kitchen. “And applesauce. She cuts up apples and cooks them.”

Max groaned. “I love homemade applesauce,” he told them, smiling at Maggie.

“There was a worm in my apple.”

Conversations that included children could go in any direction. Since they had a natural tendency to love anything which was icky or creepy, the three children and three men began talking about things Maggie would rather not have heard about. Deciding it was an opportunity to clean up, she began stacking paper plates. Sean got up to help her while Ethan and Max entertained, listening to tales of worms, spiders, and the occasional snake.

Once inside the house with Sean, Maggie felt her awareness of the man spike. Her pulse began to race and her nipples became hard points against the fabric of her bra. She didn’t move away when Sean leaned close and his hand swept down the line of her spine. She shivered and closed her eyes. He was the largest of the three men and towered over her. She felt positively delicate beside him.

With her pussy clenching and her breathing becoming shallow, Maggie waited expectantly. She wasn’t disappointed. Sean pushed the heavy mass of curls back, revealing her neck. A moan escaped her when he bent and began kissing her skin, nibbling here and there, the tip of his tongue tracing the edge of her ear. Strong teeth finished her off by biting the lobe of her ear and tugging firmly. Pleasure swept over her in hot waves. It had been so long that she had been intimate with a man that even the smallest things were able to delight her senses.

“Why are you biting my mama?” If a childish voice could produce a growl, Samuel’s had it.

Maggie jumped away from Sean as if she had been stung. She felt the heat of her embarrassment burning her face.

“It’s okay, baby.” How did she explain this one? She frowned. Maybe she didn’t have to. She would try distraction. “Do you and your brother and sister have your boots on?” He shook his head vigorously. “No? You need to get ready. I have your new helmets in the SUV.”