Hot, Wild & Crazy:Loving in Silver 8(11)

By: Lynn Stark

Now they dressed in shorts and left Ethan to sleep. Their stomachs were growling and they had steaks in the fridge with their names on them. They would start preparing supper and wait for the moment Ethan woke up, which wouldn’t be all that long.

Max and Sean were in the process of rubbing seasoning into the thick T-bones when they heard their lover’s shout. It was something about them being assholes. They all but fell over laughing when he came charging into the kitchen, the unicorn’s horn jabbing out in front of him.

“It’s a bit small, don’t you think?” Ethan asked, tugging at it as he began grinning.

Then he was strutting around the kitchen, modeling it for them, making the horn bounce around in front of him.

Max laughed and smacked him on the ass. Sean pulled him close with a hand around the back of his neck, pressing a hard kiss onto his mouth. They had a good relationship.

Adding Maggie to it would only make it better.

Chapter Three

Maggie pulled the band from her hair as she ran a critical gaze over the mural she had painted. It was perfect for the space and the room. Some would probably ask her why, when she was such a talented artist, she would stoop to painting in a barbeque joint. True, she was an artist. It was also true that her paintings were gaining some recognition in the art world. But as far as she was concerned, that didn’t make her talents unobtainable. She wasn’t a snob. And if Max, Sean, and Ethan wanted a painting for their restaurant, then they would have it.

The last few days working at the restaurant had been a blast. Maggie had to admit the men were more than just hot and sexy. They were intelligent, funny, and had a lot of potential as future husbands.

Yes, that’s where her thoughts were headed, though they hadn’t yet had their first date. She thought it was helping a lot just spending time with them, without the pressure of having to get to know one another during brief moments while eating supper. A movie didn’t allow much more than a shared moment of entertainment.

Getting to know the men when their defenses were down was exactly the right way to go about it, even if it had been unintentional. They were also getting to know her. This wasn’t high school. Fun and games were fine, but she had three children to think of. They came first, always and forever. The days of casual dating and sex were long over. She didn’t take lovers. She didn’t bring men into her life simply to assuage sexual needs.

Maggie had needs, but she had put them on a shelf and locked the closet door. It was difficult to ignore them at times, especially when they were letting her know exactly what she was missing out on. Now she had three handsome men to fantasize about. It didn’t make her celibate lifestyle any easier to live with.

Chuckling, she got busy gathering everything up and packing.

After cleaning and taking everything to her truck, Maggie went back inside. Though she had been left alone most of the day, there had been more than a dozen employees training in other rooms. The scent of meat cooking had kept her stomach rumbling. Dobbie, the previous owner, was teaching his grilling and smoking techniques. He would help out for a couple of months, to help assure that the place was on track. Having heard the gossip around town, Maggie knew people were eager for the restaurant to open. It was a sign that business would be good.

Walking through to the kitchen, she grinned as she saw Max, Sean, and Ethan lined up at a stainless counter. Dobbie was standing behind them, giving instructions. They were all wearing what had once been white aprons, but were now covered with more sauce than the ribs and chicken. They were also wearing little white paper caps on their heads. They were all sexy in their kitchen wear. As she came in the three men looked in her direction. Huge grins spread across their handsome faces. Her heart began to beat a little faster. Her nipples puckered into hard knots and her pussy, well, it began quivering in a way it never had before. Yeah, needs. She could feel them.

“We have your order ready,” Max told her, giving her a smile that reached all the way to her toes. They curled in her shoes and she took a deep, soothing breath. “Do you want drinks to go with those?”

Maggie smiled and shook her head. “No, thanks. You guys sure do get into your work.” She glanced around. She recognized all the faces. It was one of the nice things about living in a town like Silver. “The kids are going to ride later. Care to come over to watch?”

If her children didn’t get to go riding tonight, they would probably riot. She had told them that they had to wait until they got new helmets, which had earned her a lot of groaning, whining, and pleading. She had picked those up at the tack shop during the break she had taken for lunch.