Hot, Wild & Crazy:Loving in Silver 8(10)

By: Lynn Stark

Sliding a hand behind Ethan’s neck, Max held him still as he lowered his head slightly to capture the other man’s mouth. As his lips parted, Ethan moaned, his arms sliding around Max’s waist to pull him as close as was possible. Hard, throbbing flesh rubbed together. Max felt his balls pull tight to his body. They had barely begun and he was ready to shoot his load.

As Max kissed Ethan, basically fucking the man’s mouth with his tongue, he reached between them and wrapped his fingers around Ethan’s cock. Stroking it, moans began filling his mouth. It was difficult to kiss when all he wanted to do was grin. Their sweet E just couldn’t keep it quiet. When trembling accompanied the moans, along with a definite shifting of legs, Max knew Sean was probing between the man’s muscular ass cheeks.

Lifting his head, he stepped back. Ethan flattened his palms against the shower wall. Max watched as Sean finished stretching their lover and guided the head of his cock to the tight hole. He swallowed hard, wishing their positions were reversed, as Ethan began to beg. He would have his turn soon enough.

“Oh, fuck yeah! Shove it in there! I want your cock in my ass!” Ethan begged, his voice rough as his passion increased.

Sean and Max grinned at one another. “Shut him up, will you? I can’t do this if I’m laughing.”

“My pleasure.” Moving back in front of Ethan, Max put his hands on the man’s broad shoulders and pressed down. A moment later a hot mouth slid over the spongy head of his cock. The lips sealed around it, sucking and teasing, all the while the moans coming from the man were vibrating the length of Max’s cock. “Take more of it,” he instructed, closing his eyes as his head fell back. Ethan’s mouth was magic on his turgid flesh, Sean’s thrusts behind him adding to Max’s pleasure. His balls tightened, the base of his spine tingled. Tangling his fingers in wet curls, he began fucking Ethan’s mouth as the need to come rushed through him like a wildfire. “Take it all,” he shouted as he came and felt the head of his cock hit the back of Ethan’s throat. Max’s body jerked as cum pumped from his balls to fill the man’s mouth. Ethan moaned, swallowing eagerly. Ethan did everything with enthusiasm. When he pulled away from Max’s cock, a keening cry escaped him as Sean pounded his cock into his ass.

Max felt Ethan’s cum land on his feet. He reached out and caught his broad shoulders, bracing him, as he began to lose the strength in his legs. Sean shouted as he came, grinding hard against Ethan’s ass as his back arched and he filled their lover’s dark channel with hot cum.

They clung to one another as they recovered. Knowing the hot water would soon run out, they grabbed bars of soap and bottles of shampoo, half-heartedly washing before they were chased out by an icy spray of water.

Supper was put on hold as they went and dropped onto the large bed. It groaned in protest as they collectively rested.

“We need to get a new bed. This one’s done for,” Sean commented from his side of the bed. He was always on the left. If he didn’t get it, he whined.

Max chuckled and rolled onto his right side. Ethan, in the middle, was already asleep. He blew in his ear and grinned when a hand swatted at the annoyance without waking. “It couldn’t hurt to get a new one. We’ll go shopping for one next week.” Sean began teasing one of Ethan’s nipples, bringing it to a peak. The man moaned in his sleep and they grinned at one another. Max teased the other nipple for a moment, before he leaned over and took it into his mouth and sucked. Ethan moaned again, but still didn’t wake. They always had so much fun with the guy. He slept like a rock. “Did you get that thing?”

Sean laughed and rolled off the bed. “Yep.” He went to his dresser and opened a drawer. After rummaging around for a moment, he pulled out the item in question. Turning, he grinned and held it up on the tip of a finger. It was a sparkly pink and blue thong with a unicorn’s head covering the front. Ethan continued to sleep as they worked it up his long, muscular legs. It was hard to hold back the laughter as they got it in place and the unicorn’s horn pointed toward the ceiling.

They loved playing jokes on each other. Once Max had unknowingly woken up with two smiley faces inked on his butt in bright green marker. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but they had decided to go skinny dipping after a particularly long, hot day of work. Some of his brothers and the ranch hands had joined them, not particularly given to modesty as they jumped into the icy lake, as they had done many times as boys. It wasn’t until he had gotten out that he discovered the joke Sean and Ethan had played on him. Laughter had filled the air as he had tried to see what the hell was causing so much amusement. When he had finally managed to see part of one smiley face, he just shook his head and promised to kill his lovers when there were fewer witnesses.

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