Hot, Wild & Crazy:Loving in Silver 8

By: Lynn Stark

Chapter One


“Do you see a dog, Mama?” a small voice asked from the rear seat of the small SUV.

Maggie blinked. She could feel the heat rising in her cheeks and was glad no one could see it. Her fair skin always gave her away.

“No, precious, Mama didn’t see a dog.”

“Then why did you go ‘woof’ like a dog?”

That was so not something she was going to explain to a three-year-old.

What Maggie saw through the windshield were three of the most rugged, most desirable men on the planet, let alone in Silver, which seemed to have been blessed with good-looking men and women. She could feel her pussy clenching and weeping, preparing itself for the possession of the three magnificent bears. They were large men. Tall, well over six feet, with muscles bulging against the worn cotton of their shirts, crisp, dark hairs peeking out. Oh yeah, they were hot.

One reason why they really did it for Maggie was because she was no longer a wisp of a girl. She was in her thirties now, had given birth to triplets, and had curves. These men would make her feel delicate, as if she would break. But she could only dream of having them in her bed. Being the mother of three inquisitive munchkins and most days working from sunup to sundown didn’t allow any time for dating, let alone entertaining. With her desires put on hold, she focused on raising her children and providing for them.

“Mama, the light’s green.”

The sound of a horn blaring from behind brought unwanted attention from several people around Silver’s picturesque downtown, including the men she had been staring at. Three sets of eyes turned in the direction of her SUV as Maggie pressed her foot to the accelerator. She felt her face heat again as she hit the blinker to make a right turn off the square. That was when someone traveling the wrong way T-boned the SUV, rocking it violently.

If the impact wasn’t enough to startle them all, the airbags inflating finished the job. All three of her children began crying. Putting the SUV in park, she undid her seatbelt and scrambled over the console until she could get out the other side. The three objects of her desire were there, yanking open doors. The triplets were unbuckled from their seats and lifted out gently, handed off to the man standing behind, and the one behind him. Maggie bounced anxiously as she looked over her children, her heart pounding in her throat. She made comforting sounds, reassuring them.

Maggie reached toward the closest child, her hands shaking. Her children weren’t crying any longer, but looking at the men holding them instead. Tears and sniffles lingered. Huge hands patted small backs comfortingly.

“Are you okay, Maggie?” Max Jensen asked, frowning.

“Yes, I’m okay. I’m just a bit shaken up a bit.” She looked around as the driver of the other car came hurrying around the front of her SUV. Her heart sank as she saw it was Mrs. Barnes. The woman was a menace in a car. “What were you thinking?” she asked the woman angrily. “You were going the wrong way. You could have hurt my children.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I always get confused.”

Maggie didn’t know how she could get confused. Silver wasn’t very big and the woman had lived there her entire life. It wasn’t as if there were multiple streets and hundreds of cars to deal with. Silver only had eight traffic lights and most of them were closer to the edge of town. Obviously she was having some difficulties at her advanced age, something that should be looked into. She needed to be gotten off the road before she killed someone.

A cruiser pulled up just then as the crowd around them grew considerably. There would be no shortage of witnesses, even if Mrs. Barnes hadn’t obviously been in the wrong. The sheriff, Grayson Evans, didn’t look like a happy camper as he approached.

“The ambulance will be here in a minute,” he told Maggie in an authoritative voice. “I want all those babies taken for an exam. You, too,” he added firmly.

Maggie nodded. It wouldn’t have occurred to her to argue with the man. She couldn’t remember the last time someone had crossed him. It just wasn’t done.

“We’re not babies,” three small voices announced in unison.

“We’re three,” Samuel told him in affronted tones.

Grayson’s handsome face softened as he looked at them. “Yes, I know you’re three. And you’re all very brave, too.”

As soon as the ambulance arrived, Maggie and her children were put inside. She thanked the three men for their help before the doors were closed. Though she had known them for ages, it was the first time she’d had any interaction with them in a very long time.