His Virgin Babysitter(7)

By: Lila Younger


I watch Jade as she leaves Luna and I, soft curves swaying as she walks. I still can’t believe that this was my neighbor. She barely had her nose out of a book back then, just a shy slip of a girl that I would occasionally see on my way to work. That was back when I had just gotten hired and needed a cheap place to live. The duplex was two minutes away from a bus line that stopped right in front of the office, and it was a space I could call my own. No more neighbors blasting music at three in the morning, elevators breaking down that never got repaired. It was fantastic really, even if the commute was longer than I wanted.

But now, now Jade is something else. Nice round ass, wide hips, generous handfuls of breast. The perfect kind of body that had me wishing I could bend her over the freezer bins and fuck senseless. Damn. How old was she anyways? Eight, ten years younger? I shouldn’t be thinking about her that way. I really shouldn’t.

“She’s nice,” Luna observes. “Is she my babysitter?”

“Jade? Yes, she will be. She’s daddy’s friend and I agree, she’s very nice.”

We were using two different definitions of nice, but I didn’t tell her that.

“Better than RJ,” Luna says.

“Good.” I don’t want you to ever go back to that, I add silently. “Now, how about even more pancakes for dinner?”

Luna’s face lights up, and I feel a sucker punch of emotion that knocks me senseless. How the fuck could Stacie ever abandon such an adorable kid?



That’s all there really is to say about Mr. Sedgwick, I mean Carter’s house. I don’t even know if you would call this a house anymore. A mansion? That’s it. I peer out my windshield to really take it all in. It’s only two stories, but it’s a sprawling two stories. In fact, it looks like an HGTV design home, the kind where there’s a bathroom suite for every bedroom, and a private movie screening room or something. Did he really live in this house all by himself? I’d feel so lost, like a marble rolling around in a bucket. The house is set far back from the road too, for extra privacy, and the neighbors’ homes are almost out of sight. I come from a home where I could never open my curtains because I was two feet from my neighbor, so I’m definitely in awe.

Just in case I accidently drove to the wrong house, I check the address he gave me one more time. Nope, this is definitely the place.

“Let’s do this. Don’t want to be late on the first day Jade.”

Having given myself the pep talk, I step out. I hope that I didn’t dress down too much for the occasion. I’ve got my purple hoodie and a pair of skinny jeans tucked in boots. Stuff that I know can take on a rambunctious kid without worry. But looking at this place, I wonder if maybe I should have dressed up a little bit. The grounds are immaculately tended to, and I almost expect a gardener to come walking around the corner with a wheelbarrow. I wonder if maybe Carter has a maid too. And then I worry, because this doesn’t look like the kind of house for a little kid. It looks like one with million dollar art and sculptures that little hands could dirty or break. I hope that isn’t the case. Carter’s a new dad, and he might not know that about kids. Having grown up with a bunch of siblings, I only know too well.

I walk up the stone steps to the large, double doors and ring the doorbell. I can hear it echoing inside, followed by the shriek of a little kid. A few minutes later, the door opens. Carter and Luna are at the door, both of them smiling as soon as they see me.

“Jade! Perfect timing,” he says.

“Hi,” I say timidly. God, the man looks good. I sort of thought maybe I had imagined it, but nope, he looks amazing in his suit. Tall, intimidating, and powerful, his look softened only by the blue tie that brings out the color of his eyes.

He opens the door further, and I walk in. I’m not skinny and tiny by any measure, but I do feel small and fragile next to him.

“Jade!” Luna cries out. It looks like she’s slept in her Belle dress, because it’s definitely a lot more wrinkled than yesterday. “We’re having pancakes!”

“Yum,” I say. “Who’s we?”

She holds up a rather scraggly teddy bear.

“This is Oscar,” she says solemnly. “My best friend.”

I lean down and shake Oscar’s stuffed paw.

“Nice to meet you. I think we’ll become good friends too,” I say to the bear.

“Luna, why don’t you go and finish breakfast?” Carter says.

We watch as Luna scampers back down the hall, Oscar trailing along the floor behind her. I’m suddenly very aware that we’re all alone together in the entryway. I bite down on my lip, nerves coming over me even though I should know better. My heart flutters as he turns towards me.